July 27, 2005

Dad emailed me this morning to tell me that Oreo had run off last night when dad took him out before going to bed and that he had hurt himself some distance away from the house. He didn’t think that Oreo had been attacked but he was limping badly. So Min decided to take him to the vet and to go pick him up so that we could watch over him.

We got over to dad’s and Oreo was, as always, very glad to see us. He was limping quite badly but otherwise seemed to be okay.

My new digital camera arrived today. I bought it with birthday money that I had been saving. I have been wanting to get a small, portable digital camera for a while now and I finally decided to splurge. I got a refurbished unit through dad’s employee discount at Kodak. It is the Easy Share CX7530. It is a 5 mega pixel unit that uses SD cards to store the pics. Those were the two features that I was really looking for. So I am pretty happy.

At 2:30 we went up to Avon to take Oreo to the vet. Normally we would take him to the Genesee Valley clinic in Geneseo but they are closed today so we took him to the sister facility in Avon. They gave him a shot of a painkiller that was supposed to last all night and some medicine for him to take when that wore off. They told us that it was just a sprain or bruise. Nothing too bad. We also had them insert a microchip into Oreo while we were there. Orea was definitely not too happy about that. It obviously really hurt him but it was over quickly. Now we will have a much better chance of recovering him in case of him really running away.

After getting him home, Oreo kept getting more and more sick. We got really worried about him. He was acting very stangely and we didn’t know what to do.

Min had to stay and take care of him because I had to work in Auburn tonight. I left around 7:00 and grabbed some quick pizza at Wegmans in Geneseo on the way out of town.

On the way out to Auburn, I finished listening to the last little bit of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am all caught up now. Eagerly awaiting the final installment which could take more than a year most likely.

The map on Wegmans’ site is completely wrong and got me totally lost looking for the store. I had to call the store and get directions once I determined for sure that the map was wrong. I ended up not getting to the store until almost 10:00 which is significantly later than I normally start. Once I was there things went okay.

I took my regular walk this evening during the migration process and took a little walking tour of downtown Auburn. I have never really spent any time in Auburn before and I was really interested in seeing town. Everyone that knows me knows that I am really into small communities. I love local history and small towns and all of that kind of stuff. Auburn is a really cool, old historic Upstate New York town. I had a great time walking around looking at all of the grand old houses. What a beautiful area!

I managed to get home and get into bed around 3:00. Oreo was still very sick when I got in. We are really worried about him and don’t know what we can do. He appears to be really scared but he can’t tell us what is wrong.

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