July 28, 2005

Oreo was still very sick this morning but by 10:00 he was starting to feel much better. We are pretty sure that he had a bad reaction to the pain killers / muscle relaxers that he was on and that that was causing most of the problems. He is still limping fairly badly but as badly as he was yesterday. He is able to get around and was so restless this morning that he convinced me to take him for a short walk.

Early this morning we had made an appointment for Oreo with the vet but we decided to cancel it because he was feeling so much better and we were concerned that he might find going back to the vet today to be overly traumatic. I think that he appreciated that decision.

Dad needed me to help him pick up his car from the garage today. So I went over to his place around noon and we picked it up down in Pavilion. While we were out to Texaco Town to get some lunch at the diner there. Yes, the place’s real name is “Texaco Town” and no, there isn’t a Texaco station there but there is a Sunoco. Min’s new graphics card came in last night and I brought that home with me as well. She is excited to be able to play all of her 3D games again although, she really could have been playing them before. The HP dx5150 that she has has a built in ATI graphics card that is not too shabby. Probably the equivalent of a midline GeForce FX.

Dominica had to go to work this afternoon from 3pm until 11pm. Mary is still out with her ankle injury and will probably be out for two or three weeks. It is just sprained but very badly.

I finally posted the last two weeks worth of posts today. I have been trying to go back and get old ones filled in before I posted but that just wasn’t happening so I finally just gave up on some of those days and moved on. I hate having to do that but it is better than having the site go stagnant when I get too busy to keep up with it from time to time.

Andy and I went out to Denny’s for some dinner. While we were gone, Oreo finally worked up to being able to go to the bathroom again and was anxiously awaiting our return so that I could let him out. He hasn’t gone in two days so we were very relieved that he finally went today. He is getting much better quickly. He is started to bounce around again like his old self and he even wanted to play a little bit tonight although he is still really limping.

Andy fired up CircleMUD 3.1 on his desktop and we played some of that this evening. Art had really wanted to play but wasn’t around tonight to be able to play.

No sooner do I type that Art can’t make it than he signs into the game. Cool, three of us playing tonight. Now if we can just get Min and Danielle to get into the game, we will have a decent game going. If anyone is interested in playing, email me and I will get you the details to log in. It is one of the few online games that can be played by someone over a dial-up connection.

It is finally cool enough here that we were able to turn off the air conditioning and go back to having the windows open. It has been a long time since we have been able to have fresh air in the house and it makes me happy to have it if only for one day. I am sure that it won’t last. It never does.

Art, Andy and I played the MUD for several hours. Everyone is really getting addicted to it. I am hoping to get it moved over onto a real server in the near future so that we don’t have to wait for Andy to be home and to have his one desktop up and running in order for everyone else to be able to play.

Min got home around 11:30. She was very happy to get to see Oreo now that he is feeling better. She and I really didn’t get to see each other today so we decided to hang out in the living room watching some of the fourth season of The Simpsons to relax before going to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me. So if anyone is looking for me, expect to have a hard time tracking me down. I have some important work that has to be completed first thing in the morning. Then I have an important meeting for lunch. I have a little time in the afternoon, I hope. Then Min and I will be going down to Leicester around 4:00 to visit with my family. My cousin and aunt are visiting. They came up tonight but I won’t see them until tomorrow and it is the only opportunity that I will get to see them.

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