July 29, 2005

Today was pretty busy for me. I had to get up this morning to take the dog for a walk. This is becoming a regular ritual. So much for me sleeping in anymore. I guess those carefree days of my youth are officially over. It is good, though, because it forces me to get up and to get moving in the morning. And I start the day off with a walk. I would never do that on my own.

I had to work this morning to get some copy ready for an ad that we are placing up in the city. We are making an attempt at “placemat” advertising up at the Mt. Hope Diner on Mt. Hope right by Strong Hospital where Eric works. It isn’t too expensive and we will see whether or not it has any affect. It is cheap enough that getting a single customer that way will pay off.

I had a lunch meeting over at the Omega Grill with Melissa from ADP. This is our second meeting and her third, altogether, with the company. We had a good lunch. I didn’t get home until almost 2:00.

I had some work to do around the house before I was able to take off for the afternoon. I spoke with Rob Ellis in Jacksonville, Florida today for about an hour. We had talked two days ago. Rob used to live around the corner from John and I in Annapolis and he had worked with John in getting the accounts in the DC market. So Rob and we go way back. He and his wife Trish moved down to Jacksonville two years ago or so. He is down there working for Cingular and she is working for Waste Management.

My great aunt and cousin are up from Ohio and are visiting with Richardsons today so Min and I are heading down there at 4:00 for an early dinner and to hang out. Oreo will be going with us. He really doesn’t like being left home alone.

I am getting closer to getting the MUD server up and running. The first step was to get all of SUSE 9.3 downloaded and I now have that. Now I have to get it installed onto a MS Virtual Server so that we can get it to run all of the time. I might have to buy some more memory for the server so that we can have a couple of MUD’s running all of the time. It would be nice to just always have that available. It is the kind of thing that is nice to be able to play from time to time and there are lots of people out there who have played them in the past and would be interested in playing on one from time to time. I bet Mary would play if it was up and running all of the time.

Min, Oreo and I got back from visiting with my Aunt Betty and my cousin Paula down at my grandmother’s house in Leicester around 9:00. We had a very nice time. It is too bad that we only get to see so much of my family so little of the time. That is the price that you pay for living in a different state than all of your relatives (mine all live in northeastern Ohio for those who are not aware.)

We got home and Min ran off to Wegmans to do some shopping. She had run out of stuff to eat in the house so she had to get something else there. I stayed home with Oreo aka. “Mr. Snuggles.” While we were down at grandma’s, we discovered that Sara now has a job working at McDonald’s here in Geneseo. Now she can following in the footsteps of Art. He worked there around 1992! I can’t believe that it has been so long.

Art and Andy were playing the MUD tonight and I had some time between other tasks that I was doing so I decided to join in for a little bit. I am always up for some MUD time:)

While I played on the MUD I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing around the house. I have been out of town and Min has been working extra so things have been falling behind (yes, more than just SGL updates.) So I took the time to get as much caught up this evening as I possibly could. I had tons of mail and bills that had to be taken care of as well as just books, DVDs, and magazines that were pilling up around the house. It takes some serious effort to keep all of the magazines around here under control. I get 10-20 a week (yes, that is a week) and most of them simply get read and thrown away but some get stored so it is a constant management battle. It is difficult enough just trying to get the time to read them all.

Min finished reading the final book in the Left Behind series. By final book I mean the last one written that isn’t a prequel. There is a prequel yet that Min has not read and there is going to be at least one book left at the end of the series that hasn’t been written yet. She is really into those books. I am so glad that there is only one book left because she gets totally consumed by them. She was so into her book that she had no idea that I was cleaning around the house.

I worked on doing my first SUSE 9.3 server install tonight. I was feeling super productive so I sat at Min’s desktop and played the MUD, cleaned the house, paid bills, sent out mail and installed a server all at once. It is nights like this that make me feel good tomorrow. Min got into the mood too and started taking care of laundry, dishes, organizing our room, etc.

After cleaning and MUDing, Min and I watched some of “The Simpsons” before heading off to bed.

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