July 8, 2005

I got closer to a full night’s sleep than I had gotten yet this week. I still had to get up much earlier than I was ready for to take care of the dog. Oreo is very demanding first thing in the morning.

I had work that needed to be caught up on this morning and the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. I finally managed to get out the door around 1:00 and drive up to Greece to meet with Craig this afternoon. His laptop was dropped after his wedding reception and died so he needs to deal with ordering a new one and we were looking into options for that.

I got down to Geneseo just in time to meet dad and Min over at the Omega for their Friday Night Fish Fry. That was around 6:15. We ate dinner and then Min and I ran over to the Quality Inn to talk to Mary or Chic about the hurricane that is supposed to be hitting us on Monday and how it might affect Min’s travel plans. Min is cutting it a little close on Monday, arriving in Buffalo at 11:10 am and having to work at 11:00 pm. It isn’t nearly as close as it was previously (only a few hours of buffer) but considering the weather, I am really glad that she has as much buffer as she does – she could easily need to use it all.

After dinner Jeremy came over and played Call of Duty in the basement while Min played her new game, Roller Coaster Tycoon III upstairs. I worked on my laptop most of the evening.

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