August 25, 2005: Returning Home from Erie

Boy is it nice to be home. I left Erie at 11:00 this morning and arrived home around 3:30. But I had lunch at Wegmans in Jamestown and swung by Home Depot to pay off the line of credit that I have there. So that took some time out of the trip. Quite a while, in fact.

Dad is down at grandma’s all day today taking care of her to give my aunt Sharon the day off. So Min and I grabbed a pizza from Mia’s and took it down there and had dinner with them. I am lucky if I get to see grandma every other week so I try to make it down there when I can.

While we were visiting, a Re/Max hot air balloon came down in the field just behind the house. It was so close that I just saw the advertising pass in front of the window. Jeremy and I walked out into the field to say “Hi” and to see if they needed anything but they fired up the balloon and took off again before we managed to get out there.

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