September 27, 2005

Again, I was up quite early this morning so that I could pick Dominica up from the hotel. I got in from Wegmans around 3:00 last night and got to bed around 3:30. So I was totally exhausted this morning. I laid back down from 7:30 until 8:00 but didn’t manage to get any more sleep before Time Warner called at 8:00 to let me know that the technician was on his way out to the house. He was there by 8:15 installing my new Road Runner cable Internet service.

The cable was installed by 9:00. I decided not to try to go back to bed right away as the house was going to be busy shortly. It was a good thing that I didn’t because the phones were ringing like crazy for the next fourty minutes. Min’s alarm went off at 9:40 so that she could get up to get to class and dad pulled into the driveway just as her alarm was beeping.

Min decided that she just wasn’t feeling up to going to class today. She was totally exhausted when she tried to get up and she was definitely not going to be able to get anything out of her class whatsoever.

For those of you who haven’t tried out Age of Empires II, then click the link and download it because Microsoft has made it available for free (although you still have to buy the expansion if you want to play the same game that we play.) You can also get the original Age of Empires as well as the Rise of Rome expansion.

Dad finished up around 12:30. I am very excited that we now have a screen door going into the garage. That helps a lot with getting some airflow through the house. That is the only window or anything that we have facing south so it makes a huge difference. I really wish that we had at least something facing west but there is no place to put one.

I went to bed close to 1:00. I managed to get one sleep cycle in and was up at 4:00. Min’s calipers came in to Autozone so I have to run over there to pick them up and run them over to Art so that he can work on her car tonight.

We got out of bed and went over to Autozone to pick up Min’s new calipers and then drove over to the Ralston’s to drop them off for Art to work on. I also dropped off the two laptops that Eric killed at the UofR so that Danielle can sell them on eBay. Better to get a couple of bucks for them than to have them sitting in the garage getting older and older until we finally end up throwing them out. One way or another, I am going to get this house cleaned up and organized one little mess at a time.

We went to the Omega Grill and got some dinner before I had to go to work up in the city. Then we headed home and I took a quick shower and headed off to Greece. Of course, like an idiot I got the schedule wrong and tonight was a night off and I am actually doing that site tomorrow. I figured that I had to screw that up at least once after doing 64 stores and this was my once. Not much chance to mess anything up after this. Only two stores left to go after this one!

I stopped at Border’s on my way back through Henrietta for about twenty minutes and then came back home. Min and I spent the evening hanging out in the office watching more of The Vicar of Dibley while I worked on building a new filewall that will allow us to get online with our new Time Warner Cable line. It can be a real pain having multiple Internet connections if you don’t have any specialized hardware to deal with it.

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