September 28, 2005

Tonight I am actually working in Rochester up on Mt. Read. Only two stores left after tonight.

For those of you who didn’t watch CNN today, here is another great reason not to visit Puerto Rico and why we wish we could give them back to Spain.

I got home from work around 2:00 am and I set to work to make one last effort at getting the Road Runner service hooked up through the new router that I spent the evening attempting to build. I had to pull the router out of the rack again, change some hardware in the unit – again – and set it back into place. After having worked on that machine almost all day I finally had it working from a hardware perspective. That is when I discovered that the Road Runner service was barely working. It could connect but we weren’t getting any usable connection since it was dropping so many packets. It is extrememly windy out and I am extrememly tired so I decided to just let it wait for the morrow in the hopes that it would just fix itself.

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