September 29, 2005

Min had to leave for class at 10:00 and I got up around that time. I went down and checked the Road Runner again. This morning it appeared to be working decently well. Hmmm.

I went to my interview early this afternoon and was there for about two hours. It seems to have gone well but it is impossible to tell with interviews like this. I am expecting to hear more on Tuesday. There will probably be another round of interviews yet but we don’t know. I hate the waiting portion, it is so stressful.

I got home around 3:30 so Oreo was only alone for a little bit. Min went to work at 3:00 to work the “B” shift today. I spent the afternoon emailing work about problems that we have apparently been having but no one has been checking so now everything gets figured out at once once it is too late to do anything practical about it. What a pain.

Road Runner was acting badly again this afternoon. I called into technical support and they are playing a recorded message saying that cable and Internet service is down all over the Rochester area and that they are aware of it and working on it. So it is probably just the high winds causing the problems but it is hard to be sure.

I watched some more Vicar of Dibley. I didn’t want to stop watching it without finishing up the series. It is a really short show. They only did three series and only the first one was proper. The final third season had only four episodes. I got to watch the second to last episode, Spring, which is my favourite even though it is sad.

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