September 4, 2005

The weather is gorgeous today. It was nice and cool last night and bright and sunny today but only about seventy degrees. So we have the windows open and are enjoying the fresh air. Min and I slept in until 1:00 which is normal on days when she is going to be working a double. She needs to sleep right up until she is going to leave for work so that she doesn’t get totally exhausted while she is there.

I think that I forgot to mention about Min’s interview on Friday. The person that she was supposed to be interviewing with ended up cancelling because he got called away on an emergency (nothing bad, work stuff) and wasn’t able to see her on Friday. So they rescheduled for this Thursday at 10:00 am. So, it sucks that she has to wait for a week wondering whether or not she is going to get it but at least she still has the interview. So if everyone could remember to pray for her on Thursday, we would really appreciate it.

Eric called this morning and said that he had tickets to go to Comics Cafe tonight and was wondering if we wanted to go or not. Min is working but I am not so I decided that it would be fun. Min has been there since I have been. She was very unhappy with how crude and inappropriate they were the last time that she was there. They are pretty consistently bad but every now and then you get something that is really good. Like the “Midget Caller” comic that Min and I saw some years ago.

Andy got back to Geneseo around 1:30 to continue his packing. He just has the little hard to deal with stuff left. All the little things that need to go into bins. So he is working on that today. Everything should fit into his car when he is done packing it all.

While Min was having breakfast this morning, she had a disaster and had raspberry jam go all over the kitchen chair and the carpetting. So the time before she went to work was spent attempting to keep the jam from staining everything. While she was still cleaning that stain up, I discovered one of my books on CD that had been in the car that Dominica had accidentally spilled coffee onto some months ago. I think that I see a trend here.

I did some site maintenance and moved August out to the archives. With the updates from August added to the archives, the archived dailies now contain in excess of one half million words not including any of my XHTML formatting which must account for many thousands of additional works. To give you a good comparison, the King James Version of the Bible has 783,000 words. At the end of this month, I expect SGL to pass the two thirds point and should in about a year be actually longer than the Bible. So for all of you who have taken the time to read the entire site and say that you can’t find time to read the Bible. Shame on you.

I did some more work on the site today. It has been pretty ugly all weekend so I thought that it would be nice to get that underway. I have taken too much time off the last two days from working on it and it isn’t the pleasent site that it used to be. Soon enough I will have it working better. I promise.

Dominica stole my Pocket PC today to take to work with her. Apparently my geeky toys are too much fun to resist.

There isn’t a whole lot going on today. I am mostly relaxing around the house working on the computer and hanging with Oreo. Andy is packing and cleaning getting the last of his stuff taken care of around the house so that he can get up to his apartment and get started on getting that all put together. Min is at work and I will be spending the evening with Eric, Amanda and Amber (Amanda’s sister) at Comic’s Cafe so I decided that I wanted to post the update on the early side today so that it would be taken care of and I don’t have to worry about it later. If anything exciting happens yet today, I will tell you about it tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that gas in Henrietta last night was only $3.19. That is a 60¢ drop from yesterday morning’s prices in Caledonia. So things are looking better even if they aren’t looking good.

Just in case someone out there is not familiar with the cent “¢” sign, it is the correct way to write monetary amounts less than $1 (correct being an awfully relative term) and you can learn more about The Demise of the $0.01 Sign.

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