September 5, 2005

Happy Labor Day. Labor Day, America’s most useless and misunderstood holiday. Who thought that Labor Day would be a good idea? Apparently, the United States’ Department of Labor thought that it was a good idea. Apparently, Labor Day is a celebration of socialism. Unlike all of our other holidays which are designated to celebrate great people, events or religious holidays, Labor Day is a political party holiday and not appropriate in a nation trying to free itself of partisan politics. You can learn more about Labor Day from the official information page at the U.S. Department of Labor. See, SGL is educational.

We got back from the Comics Cafe around 10:30 and Oreo was extremely glad to see me. He gets so worried when both Min and I are away. We think that his previous owners might have packed before taking him to the shelter and that he might connect Andy’s packing with me abandoned because it seem to bother him with Andy moving.

We saw Demetrius Nicodemus last night and he was really good. But it doesn’t appear that he has an official website so I can’t send you to his page. If you do a search on his name you get a listing of places that he was performing at over the last couple of weeks including lots of links to write-ups, listings and reviews in Rochester. So now that I have written that we saw him, you are likely to get SGL if you do a search for him. Either way, he was really good. I would have to say that he is the best comedian that I have seen at Comics Cafe since having seen Kirk Nolan there with Min a few years ago.

It is great having the windows open finally. The house was only sixty eight degrees this morning and fresh air too. So nice that summer is finally winding down. Spring and Fall and definitely my favourite times of year. I know that everyone says that but it is really true. Fall gets a lot of publicity up here because of the incredible foliage but I think that Spring is very underrated. It has a lot to offer if you don’t mind the mud.

Art, Danielle and Michael came over just after 12:30 and Art began building Min and my new platform bed. We have never had a bed so this will be a real treat for us. The bed is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and is super heavy. Now that it is in place, there is no moving it. Ever. It is about 12″ off of the floor which is perfect for us. It gets us closer to the window so that we can make better use of the breeze coming in as well. We are rearranging the room so that the computer desk is no longer going to be along the wall between the main door and the bathroom but is going to be along the side of the bed against the outside wall. And instead of being the big new desktop (big meaning mini-tower so not all that big) but will be used as a stand for our laptops. So that is going to change the room a bit as well. We are planning on adding some speakers that go on either side of the bed so that we have the ability to listen to stuff in our bedroom and then adding a small shelf above the window in our bedroom that will allow us to put a projector (I saw A projector as if we were going to get a second one, I really mean put THE projector) there so that we can watch stuff on the six foot empty wall opposite the bed. That is the really nice thing about projectors. They are so portable and flexible. With a small house like ours, if we really wanted to we could easily get three or four usable locations for the projector. Right away we are going to have two and the plan is to make a third spot in the downstairs office area. That really allows us to maximize the use of the projector since it is such a large single investment. We really like having the LCD monitor in the living room because it allows us to watch more than one thing at a time if we want to. So we don’t plan on making any accommodations for the projector in the living room.

Dad is coming over this evening to get some dinner with us for the one time that we were able to schedule it all weekend and to inspect the new office area to see what is going to be needed to run cabling from there down into the wiring plant which, luckily, is just below it.

We had dinner at Dennys, they were about the only place in town that was still open. I really dislike pointless holidays. Then dad came over and took a quick look to see what we were going to have to do to make the wiring work in the basement. He didn’t think that it looked like it would be too bad so we are planning on giving that the old college try tomorrow morning after breakfast.

After dad left, Min went back to bed and got to try out sleeping on the new bed. Oreo was happy to sleep there too. Min is really happy finally having a real bed to sleep in.

At 9:00, I went out for me evening walk. I went down Lima to Highland to Center and up 20A. I stopped in at the hotel and found Mary working the evening shift. I talked to her for a minute and then went back to the house to wake up Min at 10:30. So 90 minutes of walking while listening to my book on my MP3 player. It is a total walk of about four miles. It is hard to measure out exactly because MapPoint 2004 that I use doesn’t have my road, the road that I connect to or Volunteer on it so there is a lot that I have to estimate. While I was walking, I used my Pocket PC to do a quick survey of the streets that I was walking down. The trip down my road showed many wireless access points – many of which were open. Maybe thirty total just in that little stretch. It really shows how popular wireless networking has become. It is true that almost everyone that I know has a wireless access point now and I am about to graduate to my second one. Even my dad has one and my aunt and uncle are talking about getting one. Jeremy will love that.

I took Min to work and Mary and I went over to Tim Horton’s and got some donuts and some dinner for Min that we took back to the hotel. We walked to and from there too but that wasn’t far enough to care. I just love living in Geneseo now that I can walk everywhere and that I have something productive to do while walking. MP3 players, books on MP3 and PodCasts are the best! Mary drove Oreo and I home and came in for a minute to check out the new bed but couldn’t stay long.

Dad is supposed to be picking Min and I up to get breakfast around 7:30 so I can’t stay up too late tonight.

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