October 7, 2005

I had to be up super early this morning. Super early not meaning that it was so early compared to when the rest of the world gets up but super early for me who has been working overnight all week and didn’t get to bed until after 2:00 in the morning this morning. Eric called at 6:00 am to get me up and moving. I had already been awake since just after 5:00 but was fighting getting out of bed because I was so exhausted. I have no idea how I had managed to wake up on my own without an alarm at 5:00 in the morning with only three hours of sleep but I did it. Ugh.

I was dressed (black suit, white heavily starched shirt and tie) and our the door before 7:00. That is way too early for this lazy, like-to-sleep-in kinda guy. I met Eric at Borders in Henrietta and we car pooled in my car up to Casa Larga on Turk Hill Road on the East side of the city for our 8:00 breakfast thing. It was some event put on by the Rochester Area Employment Network and it was a total joke and a complete waste of our time. The food was good and the setting was nice but the whole even dragged on for hours and it was totally unbearable. We had a terrible time and we will definitely not be going back to an event held by RAEN again. We were insulted by the way we were treated and there was little useful in the entire thing. It lasted until after 11:00 and we were ready to hang ourselves with our ties by the time that it was all done.

I found some literature today from the Asperger Community Advisory Panel. But, Danielle and I did some searching online and didn’t manage to find a single mention of them at all. No web site, no phone number. If anyone has any information about how to find this organization, I would appreciate a lead. Thanks.

We drove back to Borders and got some coffee before he headed back to the office and I headed back to Geneseo.

I finally got contacted about that job that everyone has been praying about. The good news is that they took an extra three days to make their final decision between me and the other final candidate because they liked both of us so much but the bad news is that they decided to go with the other candidate as they had more management experience than I did. That is too bad but I knew that that was going to be my weak point going in and they said that they were really happy with everything else. The reality was that one of the major draws of this job (beyond a steady paycheck, paying the bills, eating, etc.) was that it would give me a really good opportunity to get some really good management experience. That meant that I didn’t have that experience going in and I was likely to be beaten out by someone who wasn’t looking for a job to let them grow as much as I am looking for. It is also extremely unlikely that anyone is looking for the same rates as I am either. That makes me that much harder to hire. So I am happy even though we didn’t get the result that we had been hoping for. Thank you, everyone, who was praying for me. I really do appreciate it. We were very hopeful for this job but at the same time we were very concerned that this may not have been the best time for me to have gotten a traditional office job when the company has so much going on so we are looking at this decision as having answered that question for us.

Art and Danielle stopped by this evening to pick up some furniture. They took the dresser that Min has been using for the past year or so that we got from dad. It was the spare bedroom dresser that my parents had all through my childhood. They also took the nightstand for Michael. It is the nightstand that I had all through growing up. It is cool that Michael will end up using it.

Tammy and Lisa stopped by to drop off Tammy’s laptop when they were on their way through heading to Erie for the wedding.

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