October 8, 2005

Today is Zach and Susan’s wedding. Min and I got up this morning around 9:00 which was not late enough at all for me. I have been fighting all week to be able to catch up on my sleep and it just isn’t happening. We had to get up and get everything that we needed packed and ready to go this morning so that we can be out of town for two days.

At somepoint around 1:00 we drove over to my dad’s house and dropped off Oreo. Dad is his favourite babysitter and they have a good time hanging out together. Oreo gets so incredibly nervous if we leave him home alone but is pretty much fine if he is over at dad’s house. We have been thinking that it was a good thing that Oreo lived over there for a month so that he feels very much at home there and less like a “visitor”.

We decided to take the “back” roads from dad’s house instead of going the traditional route down to Dansville on 390 then 36 to Hornell and US 86 west. Instead we went down through southern Wyoming County on NY 39 through Perry, Castile, Pike, Bliss and Arcade. Min wasn’t familiar with anything in the area past the church in Castile that is associated with the school so she got to see an entirely new area. While we were traveling she saw the sign for Covenant Acres which is a campground down around Pike or Eagle where he sorority used to go for special events. She has always talked about it and new that it was down in that direction but had no idea where it was really located. So she was pretty excited to have finally figured that out. It has been many years since she has been there.

The back roads were really beautiful with the leaves just beginning to change. Most of the route I was decently familiar with but once we left Wyoming County and headed south on route 16 in Yorkshire I was into areas that I have only occasionally been through at points in my childhood. We went through Lime Lake and a lot of nice areas and popped up in Salamanca and caught the expressway there. Then it was a quick jaunt over to Jamestown where we have a hotel reservation at the Comfort Inn at Exit 12.

We got to the hotel at just after 3:00 and checked in. Dominica has never been to Jamestown before but we don’t have any time this trip to do any sight seeing in the area. We changed at the hotel into our wedding attire and then left a little after 3:30 to continue on to Erie, Pennsylvania.

Min and I arrived in Erie at a little after 4:30 and had no problem driving right to the church. It was fortunate that I had been working in Erie just a few weeks ago and already had a decent idea of the lay of the land. We got to the church and sat with Eric who is a teacher at Boynton with Nate and Bob.

The wedding was very nice. We had a good time. There isn’t much to say about wedding services. At least not when you are male. The church was very attractive. Min and I loved the tree branch that the church used as a chandelier. It was really cool. They put white Christmas lights on the branch and suspended it from ceiling.

The reception was just a few blocks away in Millcreek and followed right after the wedding. It was nice to not have to wait hardly at all. So often receptions are dramatically after a wedding and everyone is left wondering what to do in the mean time.

We had a good time hanging out with everyone at the reception. There are so many people from Ithaca that we almost never get to see and we rely on events like this to get to see everyone again.

Min and I left a little after 11:00 and drove the forty minutes back out to Jamestown to our hotel. When we got there we realized that I had forgotten to pack my CPAP. It is really hard for me to sleep without it. I have been packing and unpacking it up so many times this week that I didn’t even remember whether or not I had packed it today. So here goes another night of bad sleep.

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