November 16, 2005

Oreo was kind enough to not force me to get out of bed too early this morning. What a relief that was. Finally enough sleep. I didn’t have to get up this morning until I wanted to. Or at least not until I felt it was important that I get up and check to make sure that no one was leaving phone or email messages for me.

This morning managed to actually be a nice, relaxing morning. Boy did I need that. I didn’t have to do to much stressful work at all this morning. Dad came over a little after 11:00 – about an hour after Dominica left for work. He mounted a shelf in the basement for me that is going to hold all of the data communications equipment that I have like the cable modem and the DSL modem up off of the desk that they currently are sitting on top of. They have been a pain for the past two and a half years because they have a lot of cables and they take up a bit of space that can’t be covered or crowded on one of my desks in my basement office. Now that they are mounted to a shelf they can be up and out of the way, the cables can be organized and the lights on the front of the units will be visible so that they will be a lot easier to work on. It will make the office just look a lot nicer too. I have a patch panel that I want to get mounted in that same space as well so that I can clean up all of the Ethernet cabling that is running into that room.

Dad and I went to lunch at the Omega Grill after the shelf was up. I got stuck on the phone fixing some email problems just before we left so we didn’t manage to go as early as I had hoped to have and I didn’t manage to get Oreo ready before lunch so I left him home and returned for him after we were done eating.

After lunch I grabbed Oreo and we went over to dad’s house so that I could get some work done over there. Dad wanted me to fix a few things with his computer and I took the opportunity while I was there to get him set up with an HP LaserJet printer since, in the long run, laserjets save tons of money compared to regular printers. And since I own three spares it seemed pretty dumb not to be making use of at least one of them. I worked over there from about 2:00 until 5:00. We decided that it was getting late and that we should just get some food someplace simple before we went to the York High School senior play tonight. We went down to Cooks in Greggsville and got subs. I love their subs there. They are really good and cheap. And it is a very convenient location being halfway between our place in Geneseo and dad’s in Covington.

Kodiak Flapjack

After dinner we went to York for the senior play. Yes, it is a Wednesday so it really doesn’t make much sense to have the play be tonight. I agree. No one wants to go out to a show on a Wednesday night. But the show was scheduled for this coming weekend but the girls volleyball or some team or other is going to the state finals this weekend and that was going to take too many people out of the play so that had to be adjusted. For some reason they decided to move the show forward to a weeknight with no warning and almost no notification given to anyone. Not only that but they reduced the show to just being a single performance as well. Since the show is a fund raiser for the seniors to take their senior trip it seems kind of rough to lose half of your performances. Anyway, the show was scheduled to begin at 7:00 but didn’t actually start until just a little before 7:30. It took so long for them to start and they didn’t do any announcement at all. They just flipped off the house lights all of a sudden. There were tons of people walking around all over the auditorium because most of us were convinced, I think, that they had printed the wrong starting time and that they were actually going to begin at 7:30. Then, the moment that the show started and going all the way through there were just tons of people taking flash photographs and using video camcorders with their backlit LCDs turned on that it was impossible to pay attention to the show. I have never had such an inconsiderate audience at any high school or middle school performance. The flashing was so regular that it almost made me ill. And there is no reason to use backlit LCDs when you have perfectly good viewfinders that are meant for this sort of thing. It would significantly detract from the show if the show was any good at all. The show was something called “Kodiak Flapjack” and it is, by far, the worst play script that I have ever heard of being used. It was pathetic. And it was short. Intermission came at 7:50. We had barely gotten to see anything. People who had walked in the door right at 7:00 had spent just as much time waiting for the show to start as they did actually watching the show. Those of us who came early would end up having the same ratio by the time the entire production was completed. But the worst part was the horrible script – Kodiak Flapjack. Don’t ever see anyone perform this show.

To make matter worse, unlike the picture that I attached here, York decided to have many of the girls in the show attired in mini-skirts. Not only was that somewhat inappropriate for a high school production but they were supposed to be playing girls in a high-brow finishing school and the outfits that they were wearing did not fit the part at all. Many of them were wearing a very inappropriate form of the “school girl uniform”. I can’t believe that they were allowed to go on stage that way. But the real issue came with a portrayal of inproper teach or principal and student relationships. It was made very clear that the school principal and a high school student were supposed to be dating for much of the duration of the play. And it isn’t even addressed. They just act like it is normal and I think that everyone watching the show, due to the poor consistancy of the script, forgot that the one character was supposed to be thirty to fifty years old and that the other was just a teenager in school.

At the end, writer Tim Kelly forgot his own plot and just ended the show. I must have been the only person left in the entire auditorium who was actually paying any attention to the show at all because I couldn’t figure out how the writer and the cast and done that entire show and missed the most important plot hole that you could ever imagine. Okay, here is the synopsis: Old man leaves his girl’s finishing school (yes, that is creepy) in his will to someone he has never met for no good reason, inheritor is required to be the school principal for one year before the inheritance can be actually claimed, if at any point the inheritor does NOT maintain his or her position as principal then the entire estate reverts to the old man’s great grand niece who, coincidentally, is a teenage girl attending the school. The “big twist” is that the first guy who comes down to run the school ends up being an error on the part of a private detective and he is not actually the person who was supposed to inherit the school. Okay. But the entire play from minute one until five minutes before the end the only thing that is driving the entire show is that this guy HAS to remain the active principal and the student who is set to get the school should he decide not to be principal is trying to convince him to quit. Then, when they find out that they have the wrong guy, this other inheritor shows up and announces that they have sold the school. Sold the school? For the past hour everything has rested on the inheritor maintaining the job of principal for one entire year and the first guy only did it for a little while. Suddenly the lawyer apparently thought that actually executing the will was too much effort and suddenly the teenager who spent the entire play trying to get back her school never even once mentions that she just inherited it. In fact, not one person involved in the play or in the audience, apparently, realized that they had just dropped the play’s only plot device. It was so obvious of an ending that I couldn’t even figure out what they were trying to do because everything had been solved. It was ridiculous.

Anyway, that is my rant about that play. I can’t believe that high schools perform this stuff. They have to pay to be able to perform this crap. Shows like this are so bad that any high school student should be able to write something just as good. It takes no skill to get something like this written. I feel bad for all of the students who put effort into shows like this. It feels like the school is mocking them and doesn’t actually want them to do well or to provide an artistic service for the community. I am really embarrassed that this is my old high school. The kids did a pretty good job. They sure didn’t have anything to work with. Heaven only knows how you would put any more into that show than they did. My cousin Sara was in the show. That is why I went to see it. At least it provided plenty of material for SGL and for the podcast.

Min and I did manage to get episode twenty-three completed tonight and posted. We are working hard to keep the shows shorter from now on, as close to daily as possible and to end each show with a cool musical selection. So if you aren’t listening, be sure to check it out. I think that it will be several more weeks until we are familiar with how to do a show together but we are learning.

I did a bunch of work tonight trying to clean up Min’s computer. We do so much online multimedia (I hate that term) stuff that the 80GB drive is practically full.

I have to give a talk to a PTA in the near future about Internet dangers for children. I have heard of but have never done anything with My Space – I try to stay away from the kiddy bopper sites – but I needed to learn about it so I got an account and way trying it out tonight. It is a neat idea, sort of, a personal connection service. I can see where it would be handy but there is no one on there worth connecting with unless you are a high school student and in that lies the problem. It is a neat idea because it is a free and open service that duplicates a lot of functionality that was in disparate locations before. It has the potential to allow you to find long lost friends if lots of adult users actually sign up and use the service. Only time will tell. Right now it is mostly an underage dating service. I am the oldest person, by several years, registered from my high school and my elementary school is not even an option to mark on it yet. If anyone of my readers is on it or is thinking about checking it out, here is my personal link. I will be interested to see if anyone actually uses this thing over the age of twenty two. This is a really ambitious site because it conglomerates the functionality of so many different systems. It even does the blogging portion and I think that that is where so many younger kids are getting into it not really realizing how it is being used by the vast majority of its membership. This is a real problem with services like this that they are designed to be kind of a generic personal profile framework and if the majority of the user base does one thing or another with it it can really change the flavour of the service. For adults, though, it is a pretty neat service from what I can see.

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