SGL Podcast Episode 24: Boycott Sony

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Scott and Dominica for their twenty fourth podcast. Tune in today to hear why you should be boycotting the evil Sony BMG corporation and why NBC is falling behind in the race to capture the future of television. Had any good banana split ice cream lately?

Sony: Sony BMG music is now involved in hacking and installing viruses on their customers computers which is, of course, highly illegal and Sony should be prosecuted under the DMCA. New York and California have all ready begun legal action against the company. Sony, instead of backing off, has increased the level of its illegal activities and is attempting to gain greater control over its customers computers. Of course, Sony does not tell its customers that it is doing this. Microsoft as well as the US Department of Homeland Security have officially labeled this action as a threat and Sony’s software is now listed in Microsoft’s “known spyware” list. We ask all of our listeners to support us in boycotting all Sony products and, if you are an affected customer, please contact the state attorney general’s office and aid in the litigation.

Television over the Internet: NPR’s Technology talks about Television over the Internet just one day after Dominica and I talk about it on SGL.

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