December 26, 2005

I didn’t manage to get very much sleep last night so I am really exhausted as I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in several days and the past few days have been really busy too. I got up this morning and talked with Bob who is coming up for the funeral as well. We decided to car pool so he is going to come from Ithaca and meet me at the house. I am pretty much on his way to Perry and he is going to be staying here tonight so it makes a lot of sense.

I spent two hours on the phone with Art this morning which took up all of the spare time that I had and some that I didn’t. Bob arrived while I was on the phone and I had to get dressed in my suit while on the phone while Bob was waiting for me. Bob ended up driving us over to Perry with me on the phone the entire way and I even was on the phone for a little while while standing on the sidewalk in Perry. Dad was still feeling sick this morning and didn’t come until pretty late to the funeral. I was supposed to call dad when we left Geneseo but I was on the phone and had forgotten. But it was probably best because he was asleep and feeling sick enough that he really needed the sleep.

The funeral was for John Howlett, Joe’s father, who died last week from the complications arising from a stroke that he had suffered almost two weeks ago. The service was really nice. Bob, Nate and even Jeff Simpson managed to make it. Dad made it but had to take off quite quickly afterwards.

After the service Bob and I came back to Geneseo and I spent a little more time on the phone getting some things scheduled and dealing with a few loose ends and then we went over to the Omega Grill for some dinner. We were both pretty hungry having not eaten all day.

We came back to the house for a little while and then went over to Perry again to hang out with the Parkers in their new “piano room” that they are just finishing building for their newly inherited Steinway piano. Bob has only ever played euchre a couple of times and didn’t really know how to play so we taught him how to play and then he and I played against Nate and Rachel and we kicked their butts pretty good winning three out of four games. We couldn’t hang out too late because Oreo was left alone almost all day long and he needs some company.

We went back to my house in Geneseo and we watched Batman Begins which I have only seen at the drive-in in Perry and Bob has not seen yet. Bob loved the movie. It is really awesome. I think that it is the best comic book turned movie that I have ever seen.

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