December 27, 2005

Another busy day today. Vacation weeks always turn into being very busy. Bob is here today having stayed over last night. Bob hasn’t been up to the house in many months and we haven’t even seen each other for four or five months and that was when I was down in Ithaca working with Wegmans.

I had to run over to Perry this morning to meet with pastor at 11:00. I ended up being over there for about three hours. I got back to Geneseo just before 2:00 and Bob said that he was giving me just nine more minutes before he was going to leave. We went right over to the Omega Grill to get some grub. Neither of us has really had anything to eat since we ate there yesterday.

Bob took off from the Omega to head back down to Ithaca.

Dad got together with the Richardsons this morning over breakfast to sort out their new cell phones. The five of them – that is dad, my aunt Sharon, uncle Leo, cousin Sara and wife Dominica – all decided to get onto a Verizon family plan so that they could all share minutes and minimize the cost. So everyone but Min got together this morning to hand out their new phones. Min will get hers tomorrow. We are pretty happy because her old plan was costing us more than $40 a month and she wasn’t even beginning to take advantage of it. This new plan should cost a bit less than $30. Every little bit helps.

After Bob left I had to drive out to Syracuse to pick up Dominica. Her parents drove her out to exit 43b on the east side of Syracuse and I met them out there at almost 9:00. It is about a two hour drive to get to there from Geneseo. On the way back we had to take 690 through the city because I had seen an accident in the other direction that was blocking the thruway going east. We didn’t want to get stuck in that awful traffic so we avoided as much of it as we could. We ended up entering the thruway right where the accident was so we didn’t get stuck in traffic for very long but we were able to get a good look at the remains. We followed up with the news in Syracuse and found out that a State Trooper had been involved in a high speed chase and attempted to avoid a car changing lanes. The area where the accident happened is a really dangerous area where motorists who are entering the expressway from the toll booths have almost no space to get onto the highway and almost no visibility and the drivers in the area, such as the police apparently, are driving quite too quickly considering the conditions. The trooper went off of the road to avoid the car changing lanes and ended up sliding on the side of the road and then shooting out perpendicularly into traffic (sound familiar to any of our readers out there?) At that point the police vehicle was struck by another motorist in an SUV that flipped right over the police car. Five people were in the SUV but no one was killed. Both policemen involved were not hurt. But it really shows how the innocent can be the ones in danger when the police decide to get involved in high speed chases. How many lives do we really save by chasing people who drive too quickly? Are we really making the roads safer places? And for whom? If speeders end up having their own accidents and on average hurt themselves then why is it any of our business to be ticketing them to make a few extra dollars (oh yeah… its the end of the month and the end of the year, I wonder if there were any quotas to be filled…) but if we have chases and end up hurting innocent motorists who are not involved in driving recklessly all we have done is move the hurt from the people at fault to the innocent. I sure don’t want to be responsible for anything like that.

Dominica and I got home a little before midnight. She needs to get some sleep so that she can get to work tomorrow. I am exhausted all ready from a long week.

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