May 9, 2006

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning. It seems like that must be a good sign. No CPAP and I am still waking up. Actually I think that it is easier to wake up without it because I sleep lighter. I don’t feel as good when I wake up but I that initial waking up is easier.

Jeremy got his new computer last night but did not have a chance to get it put together. Maybe he will have it up and running tonight. I am concerned that he may not have matching components though so it might be a while before he has it all together.

I got out of the apartment in good time this morning and go into the office a little after 8:00. I would have been much earlier but traffic was exceptionally bad today.

I had a crazy day at work today. I was so busy that I had to eat lunch at my desk. That isn’t any fun. And Dominica wasn’t down this weekend so I didn’t get to see her yesterday and today 🙁 Only one more week before she moves down. But she is thinking about flying down to Houston for a week and then driving back up with Francesca and the girls so that will mean another week apart after she is down here for just a week. And since no one will be home during the day Oreo will have to stay with dad instead of with me so I will be very lonely again.

By the end of the day I was absolutely worn out. It was just go, go, go all day long. I was really looking forward to the end of day (EOD) and a chance to just collapse.

Fortunately, for me anyway, Dominica is attempting to do the lingering TMobile project from February that hasn’t been completed yet. It isn’t much work and it is just in Rochester but we haven’t been able to get it completed and they are waiting on it. I hate having projects hanging over my head. I like things cleaned up and neat. Completed projects make me happy. And it will be nice for Dominica to get to do some other typs of tech work. She is broadening her experience.

Eric and Amanda are going over to the county pound in Hampton Corners between Geneseo and Mt. Morris this evening to see about a puppy that they have over there. For those who don’t know, Hampton Corners was a thriving village in the late eighteenth, early nineteenth centuries but, for some reason, it just upped and vanished at some point so long ago that there is no structure left to attest to its existance. Those of us who grew up near by had never heard its name. Eric and I used to bicycle right through it and he has even worked there once or twice. It is the crossroads now of NY Route 408 and NY Route 63 (which I grew up just off of.) In the mid-1990’s the salt mine was relocated from Retsof to Hampton Corners after the collapse of the original mine. This began an era of construction at the corners. The railroad was extended into it. And then the county began placing public services there and the state police relocated there. This location probably became popular with low traffic services because of its prime location in the dead center of the county directly between Mt. Morris and Geneseo with very easy access right into Dansville and also because it is just dirt cheap to build there. So now there are tons of things springing up that you would never guess would go there.

I didn’t leave work until after 8:30 so it was quite late by the time I got back to the apartment. I had some leftover pizza in the fridge and I ate that for dinner while I continued to work from home and watched Remington Steele. It ended up going from a late night at the office to a really late night at home. I worked until almost 4:00 in the morning! I was totally exhausted and delirious by the time I finally managed to get to bed. I am really wishing that I had that CPAP right about now!

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