May 7, 2006

The weekends are so short when I come back to Geneseo. So much driving with so little time at home. This weekend was the worst yet. To make matter even worse, I was supposed to have worked at TMobile in Pittsford to wrap up an earlier project for them but ended up not being able to do that because of the car being in the shop. Fortunately I didn’t have a chance to really look for the materials for the project until later and I hadn’t scheduled the thing at the store so I didn’t have to cancel on them.

I spent the morning getting ready to leave. Isn’t that depressing. Dad came over after church and the three of us went to the Omega Grill for lunch. I can’t believe how long it has been since I have eaten over there. Weird.

Dad came over to the house to get a load of stuff to take down to Jeremy as well as a load of packing trash that had accumulated at the house from all of the stuff that has been delivered recently. The living room and the dining room have just been packed full of boxes and packing materials. There is still a lot but at least a big chunk of it is gone.

I had to be on the road south by 7:00. Boy was it a short day. Pretty much we spent the entire day getting me ready to drive. Dominica sent me with a load of stuff that we will need at the apartment like some pots and pans and a rack to hang drying laundry onto. I also am bringing down the computer that I just got from Jeremy. It is going to be my slower, older Windows XP machine and I am going to convert my new Athlon 64 machine over to SUSE Linux 10.1 when it releases later this week. I figured that since I am working as a Linux Admin full time that using Linux as my desktop would be the right way to go. And the Linux box doesn’t have a DVD player in it but the Windows one will so the Windows box will be perfect for simple background tasks like playing movies while I do the real work on Linux.

I had to stop in Endicott and Johnson City on my way through to drop off two more IP phones. That took a big chunk out of my evening. I was probably stopped in the Binghamton area for about an hour but I felt better knowing that the two phones were both delivered and hooked up.

I was hungry for dinner but I knew that there was a fairly new Waffle House open in Clark’s Summit, Pennsylvania so I held out until I got down there. I got off of the highway and drove through down and found myself to be the only person eating at Waffle House the entire time that I was there! I have never been anywhere near alone at a Waffle House before. The food was good and I got a chance to chat with the guys who were working. One of the was training and the other was like a Waffle House consultant who travels all over the place working with new stores and stuff. He new the spot that I was talking about in Georgia near Savanah where there were two Waffle Houses that faced each other across the street. He said that he used to work at one of them. Pretty weird that out of the thousands of Waffle Houses out there that we might have crossed paths there.

It was late – close to 1:30 or later – when I finally arrived in North Brunswick. I was really tired but wasn’t able to fall right asleep. I didn’t end up getting to bed until after 2:30! When I did finally get ready to go to bed I came to the horrible realization that I had not remembered to pack my CPAP and it will be more than a week before Dominica returns to New Jersey. This could end up being quite the disaster. We will see. I have never gone this long without my breathing apparatus since I first got it over a year ago. This is going to be really tough. I might have to have Dominica ship it to me or figure out something to get a CPAP here.

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