May 8, 2006

It is Monday morning, once again.

It looks like I am not the only one who feels that the Mission Impossible movies are prime examples of internally inconsistent cinema.

Today dragged on and I was really tired when I got back to the apartment a little before 8:00. I plopped down in front of the computer and started trying to fix the telephones that aren’t working properly and turned on my laptop to watch some season three of Remington Steele. I was hungry so I ordered a few days worth of pizza from Dominos. I figured that it would be a lot easier and more cost effective if I had some in the fridge instead of ordering food every night.

I made it through three episodes. I couldn’t bring myself to go to bed. I spent a lot of the evening working on the HP D325 that I got on Saturday. The unit was in pretty rough shape and wasn’t working anymore. It could only run for about five minutes before it would shut itself off. No wonder Jeremy was running it with the case wide open when I saw him using it. I put some serious work into it and it appears to be able to keep itself running now but I am going to have to be really careful with it. Fortunately it is still under warranty for quite a while but the downside is that it has been so abused that HP might not honor the warranty.

Dominica was able to get out to Carousel Mall in Syracuse this evening and wrap up the onsite survey work that we have been doing for TMobile. What a relief it is to have that site completed. Now to get all of the paperwork completed. That is as much work as the project itself. It worked out nicely that Dominica’s parents were able to meet her at the mall and they were able to have dinner together.

I got the desktop running and finally got Windows XP installed but now I need the HP drivers for the box and after trying all kinds of different things from HP I decided that I needed to give up and get off to bed. It was not that far from midnight when I finally got to bed. Now I have to face my second night without my CPAP. Hopefully I won’t become increasingly exhausted as the week wears on but it seems likely.

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