August 1, 2006: Happy Birthday Emily

Today is my niece Emily’s birthday.

The summer is just flying by. Can we, as humans, ever say this enough? Doesn’t it seem like after all of this time that we would be used to the fact that time passes more quickly than we think that it will. Won’t we ever just compensate to the point where the average person thinks that time passes at just the expected speed and those that deviate from the norm have an equal chance of being surprised by its rapidity as by its lassitude?

Today is a hot one – heat warning have been issued for the greater New York City Metro area. The heat index, as I write this, is 112 degrees and expected to climb over the next two to three hours. Raw temperatures are expected in the one hundreds both today and tomorrow and things are not supposed to become comfortable again until Friday. And, of course, it didn’t rain for Dominica driving down yesterday but it is expected to rain on Friday when we are driving back to Geneseo. Argh.

It is going to be a busy weekend coming up – Dominica and I have to get out to Syracuse on Saturday to work at TMobile on Erie Boulevard and then, if possible, need to work in Pittsford as well. But I doubt that we can do both. We will be headed up on Friday night and will be around, more or less, all weekend. Maybe we can get some more done with the house while we are there. At least it shouldn’t be so hot. That will give me a chance to get more stuff out of the apartment too. I am on a crusade to keep it as bare as possible.

I barely got any sleep last night. The heat is making it very difficult to get any quality sleep time in for me. I am very sensitive to it. I probably got two hours or less of real sleep last night.

My latest server, an HP DL380 G2 arrived today at dad’s house. I need a lot more time to work on all of this stuff.

It was a fairly quiet day at the office. No one wanted to go out for food at lunch because of the heat. In fact it makes you just not want to eat at all. I got some nasty food from the cafeteria but I threw most of it away. No big loss.

I got home and Dominica and I went out to Bertucci’s for dinner. Oreo got sick earlier today, probably from the heat. It is tough for little dogs. After dinner I got a call from Sarah Ross with whom I attended high school many, many years ago. She is organizing a class “reunion” picnic on September 2nd which I can’t make it to, unfortunately. That would have been cool since our class had no actual reunion. It was nice to get to talk to her. I have not spoken with her since graduation.

After dinner we just came home and I worked with Dominica on some IT training before we went to bed. We called my niece Emily in Houston several times to wish her a happy birthday but the phone was off so we were forced to just leave a message. She is not going to be happy.

I did some serious email maintenance on my own email account today. If I don’t do it every so often the email just sprawls out of control.

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