September 13, 2006

I was pretty sleepy this morning but managed to get up and start working – from bed with my BlackBerry – at half past five in the morning. Dominica was just getting up to get ready for work and poor Oreo was still exhausted. Going to daycare every day really takes a toll on him as he spends the entire day running around and playing with the other dogs. He is not used to getting this kind of excercise.

I was actually in the office before nine this morning, quite early for me. Today was supposed to be the big system administrator town hall meeting day but I was so busy that I couldn’t even consider going to it. Today is just as busy as the last two days have been. Maybe even busier. I am going to be awfully exhausted by the end of the week.

My work didn’t let up all day but I didn’t have to stay late. In fact, I managed to be out the door a little before six. Not much before but a little.

Tonight we both decided that rest was the top priority. So we ordered in from Papa John’s and watched the recent remake of The Flight of the Phoenix. Not an awesome movie but a decent movie. There wasn’t really much plot twist in the movie. Plane crashes in desert. (I won’t tell you which desert so that MAYBE it will be a surprise but there are only two deserts that I am aware of with big sand dunes so you have a fifty percent chance of guessing anyway since they show the sand dunes everywhere.) People are stuck in desert because plane doesn’t fly. People make plane fly. People leave. Um, that’s it. Sure they argue and fight in the desert whilst making their new plane. But everything is just standard, but decently done, cinema fodder. Nothing special but perfectly fine for an evening of rest and relaxation. A good movie when you don’t have time to pay really close attention.

We went to bed before ten. Nothing like getting old. Tomorrow I am working from home so Oreo is not going to Doggie Paradise for the day and that shaves at least half an hour off of Dominica’s commute time. She will appreciate that. On Saturday morning we have an appointment to look at an apartment building in Newark. Everyone has been telling us to stay away from Newark because of the crime but we are really hopeful about this apartment. It looks really good and because of its reputation, Newark is incredible affordable for what you get. And it is hard, for us, to get more convenient than Newark. Dominica works in Nutley which is only about eight miles from Newark and I am about half an hour from there. It is in between where we work. And Newark has unbelievably easy access to Manhattan, Hoboken, Jersey City, etc. by NJ and Path transit systems. And Newark has a major Amtrak station as well. Not to mention a major airport. So travel from Newark is great. So we will see.

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