November 13, 2006: Hayley Mills Expands

I was awake very early this morning. I was up at half past four and didn’t have much to do so I got partially ready for work and played an hour or so of Lunar: Legend. Once everyone was awake I walked down to McDonald’s on Broad Street to pick up some breakfast. This is our first time going to McDonald’s in Newark and I didn’t really realize just how close it is. It was hardly like I had even left the apartment.

Dominica and Susan left for work and I settled down to do some work from home before heading into the office. Susan forgot to take in the cheesecake that she had bought for her office Thanksgiving Party today so I walked that down to her office for her. The weather is pretty nice today. Good for taking a walk.

Once again my morning ended up keeping me from being able to go into the office when I wanted to. It was late enough that I decided to just to lunch at Food for Life rather than skipping lunch or trying to do it at work.

It was just after noon when I got into the office. I really like having the day broken up like that though because time really seems to fly. I needed the time to fly since things were so slow in the office once I got there. Quite the slow day.

I got home just in time to find Susan and Dominica at the door of 1180 with Susan’s car being pulled up right behind me. So I got a chance to see Susan off as she returned to Baltimore. Dominica and I then headed right up to get ready to go to the gym. This is our fourth day in a row. We are really excited that we have managed to stick with the program. Dominica worked herself up to forty-five minutes today. I had to cut my session down a little as my right leg went numb and my foot was starting to hurt.

Our shipment from Amazon came today so we have new DVDs to watch and CDs to listen to. Our Disney Hayley Mills collection has expanded significantly.

Weight Lost: -2.0 lbs (negative numbers mean net gain not loss 🙁 )

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