February 23, 2007

Oreo and I were both very ready for our day home together.  But that doesn’t mean that we got time to relax.  It was a busy work day for me and I barely got any time to do anything but work all day.  I didn’t get a chance to even turn on the PS2 all day.

Dominica got home and it was time for us to pack and leave.  We were on the road pretty late because I got stuck working until eight thirty!  Not what we wanted to have happen on a travel night but what can you do?

We attempted to get dinner at Tandoor on Route 80 Exit 299 but they closed early and we couldn’t get any food there.  So we headed on and grabbed a quick dinner at the Waffle House in Clark Summit, PA.  That ended up saving us a lot of time which was definitely good in the long run.

It was about two thirty in the morning when we finally rolled into Geneseo and it was after three before I was able to finally get to bed.  Tomorrow is packing day.  Oh the fun.

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