February 24, 2007: Another Packing Day

For some reason I was awake this morning at a quarter till eight!  That was way too early.  Quite a bit less than five hours of sleep.  I got up and checked email, showered and got started on the packing.  Dad came over at nine and we took the PR5 over to M&R in Geneseo to get the car inspected.  Then it was back to the house to wait for Dominica to get up so that we could all go to breakfast at the Omega Grill.

After breakfast dad came over and hung out at the house most of the day while we packed.  Dominica did some light packing upstairs while I did the big stuff in the basement.  Overall we were pretty happy with the progress of the day.  There is a lot to do but we are working our way through it and the biggest deal is not in the actual packing but that we are taking the time to really go through everything and to make sure that we aren’t packing things that should really be thrown away.  We are throwing away a LOT of stuff.  Andy would be proud.

At six we drove down to Perry to see Nate and Tammy who are having a family party so that everyone in the family can meet their new baby boy Eli.  We ended up hanging out there until about nine.  Then we drove over to dad’s and sat around in the living room in front of the fireplace until it was midnight and we could declare me to officially be 31 years old.  Then it was time to get to bed.

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