February 5, 2007: Babysitting the Boston Terrier

I had to work from home this morning because Oreo is not going to daycare today. He was still a little sick yesterday and we don’t want to push our luck by sending him to daycare too quickly. I was super tired last night too. I went to bed just a little after nine and didn’t get up until around seven this morning! I did wake up in the middle of the night and was out of bed for a while and I was in bed awake a bit during the night so it wasn’t quite the full ten hour night of sleep that it sounds like but it was a lot of sleep for me either way.

Oreo wasn’t too sleepy today as he slept all weekend and he was actually pretty restless this morning. It was really obvious that he was bored while I worked. He paced around the apartment a lot and kept wanting me to play with him and pay attention to him. He was pretty much moping. When I took him out for his morning walk it was so cold that my breath was freezing to my mustache. This is one of those really brutal days for people living outside. We have a homeless man living in Military Park who has set up a pretty much permanent location there. I would have to say that he has been there for two weeks but at least he has one of those really nice super thermal sleeping bags that closes over his head and some plastic mats to lay beneath to keep him off of the cement.

I worked from home until noon and then ran over to Food for Life for a TBLT while Joseph got my car. The poor valets working in single digit temperatures! This is Joseph’s last week, though, he is heading for Atlanta this weekend. I bet he is really excited about that considering what a cold week it has been.

It was a busy day at the office. There has been a lot of work for me to do for weeks now and it hasn’t let up yet. I am starting to get some pretty serious eye strain and I have developed a twitch under my left eye that bothers me all of the time. I am looking forward to getting home and ordering in some Chinese take-away (we can’t go out to eat tonight since Oreo has been couped up at home all day and he was restless even when I was still there,) doing are mandatory “pre-visitor” cleaning spree and playing some Dragon Quest VIII. It is nice having a game console again even if it is an old one. Really we should have brought down the Dreamcast and hooked that up too. Maybe we will do that sometime soon. We still have a number of cool games on there that we want to play through.

I got stuck at the office a lot later than I had anticipated this evening. I had originally thought that I would get to leave around half past five as things had slowed down at the end of the day pretty much and I had one five o’clock deployment that I had to do. Well, that five o’clock deployment got held off until half past six! That is a long time to sit around waiting thinking that you might be done any minute. It was after seven by the time that I was able to leave the office. At least I made up for having to have worked from home for so long this morning. I actually put in quite a long day.

I got a hankering for white bread with butter and honey tonight. All of a sudden it just hit me. I haven’t so much as thought about eating butter and honey on bread in maybe ten years or more. I could not even begin to guess when the last time I thought of that food was. My mother use to make that for me when I was a kid. I didn’t have it much once I was a teenager or so but I definitely had it a lot when I was young. What a weird memory to suddenly have.

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