April 23, 2007: A Possible Return to WDW?

I slept in this morning and really needed it. I didn’t pull my sorry butt out of bed until eight. It was a bright and sunny morning when I finally got out of bed and it is great to be getting fresh air again.

I had one of those mornings when it was hard to keep things together. Luckily I managed to remember the stuff that I needed that I had no way to make due without like auto insurance paperwork but I forgot my ID badge for the office and my multi-factor authentication device but I decided to make due rather than to turn around and go back home for them.

The office was mostly slow today as everyone is tired and still recovering from the really long weekend. I actually had it much better than most people if you can believe that. My weekend was a trifle.

There has been a slight change to my schedule and I am back on the early shift again next week all week. It is sad because I will miss another day at home with Oreo but I do enjoy my early morning weeks as I get home in bright sunlight and get a little time to myself which doesn’t happen very much these days.

Dominica and I are attempting to schedule a trip to Disney World in the next few weeks. We are hoping to take a long weekend and do some serious eating at Boma. I am sure that we will eat there at least twice while we are down there. It will be tough to resist not going back to the Garden Grill Room too as that was so good. That is the biggest problem with going to Disney – trying to find enough time for all of the food that we want to eat. There is just so much amazing stuff all in one place that it is nearly impossible to choose.

For those not aware, Allison Krauss has released a new album which contains a lot of her material that has appeared on other people’s albums (like John Waite and Brad Paisley) so if you have failed to get your hands on Baby Mine or Whiskey Lullaby here is your chance: A Hundred Miles or More.

I found out officially today that I am going to be featured in my company’s summer employee magazine as professional profile. The magazine comes out four times a year.

I managed to get through another episode of Floaters today. I am through six of fifteen episodes now. I haven’t managed to get Dominica hooked on the show though which is surprising as it is totally her type of show.

I ordered more camcorder supplies today for the Canon Elura 60. I ordered some filters for the camera including a UV and Neutral Density filter. I only need the ND so much but the UV is really important in protecting the camera lens and is generally suggested to be used at all time for any camera since it can protect the expensive lens. I also ordered a wide angle adapter for the camcorder which should really increase the field of view allowing me to use the camera more effectively in the car which is where I use it a fair amount of the time.

We found out officially that I have the time off at the end of the day so Dominica and I are heading to Disney World. We will probably be leaving the night of Thursday, May 10th to fly from Newark to Orlando. We will be in the park from Friday morning until Sunday night. Sadly I doubt that there is anyway for us to make it to Boma in time to eat on Sunday night. We would be SO happy if we could do that. That would be the best. One extra dinner can make a big difference when you are traveling that far just for food. We are currently planning on staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge where Boma is located. We toured the resorts the last time that we were there in 2005 and we were pretty impressed with that location. So that is the plan.

Hopefully we will be able to continue podcasting like we did the last time that we were down there. That was a lot of fun and I think that people really enjoyed it. This is just a long weekend so it isn’t the same but it should be cool to do a two year recap. It is hard to believe that it has been so long since we last went down. It does not feel like it was that long ago.

Work went smoothly today and I was able to leave around six.  Errands to run tonight and then Food for Life.  Yay!

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