May 23, 2007: Mazda RX7 is Running

Quote of the Day from Raymond Chen: “There’s a lot of stupid people out there. Stupid people who are going to lose all their money one way or another. They may as well lose some of it to us.”

I got up this morning and actually managed to put in over an hour on the elliptical machine in the gym! It felt great. My body is getting used to the routine and I am not really stressing it at all now. Sixty-five minutes is quite a leap from the forty-five minutes that I have been doing. And I only had to stop because I needed to get to work and not because I was exhausted!

Dominica learned today that most people when they think that they feel hunger pains are actually just thirsty. We have long wondered why everyone that we know gets hungry so long before I do. But I am an extremely well hydrated person – I drink water all day long and lots of it. And I almost never feel actually hungry – even when I miss several meals in a row. This answers a lot of questions about me. So here is a tip: if you feel hungry try a glass of water first.

Our loveseat is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. We are very excited. Tomorrow is my normal work from home day anyway so that will make it that much easier. We are very happy that it is coming this week so that we know for sure that we can ship our leather “moon” chair back to dad’s house when we drive back up. So tonight we need to get the house ready for the loveseat.

For you vegetarians out there, you may not know that only some cheese is vegetarian. Most cheese is made from animal parts – often from young lambs! Trader Joe’s has a guide to the source of rennet in popular cheeses to help you find truly vegetarian cheese.

The RX7 is running today!  It still needs more work before it will be road ready but at least the powertrain appears to be all set for the moment.  Someone even stopped by the shop and offered to buy it from me.  He is going to test drive the car, maybe tomorrow, so we will see.  Maybe the RX7 will be coming down to New Jersey and maybe it will just be sold.  I hate to give up the car but keeping it is not very practical.  I don’t have much time for enjoying a classic sports car that takes a lot of TLC to keep working.  As much as I love it, I probably need to let it go.

Today was a good one at work.  The day just flew by.  Hewlett-Packard was in the office today and we had a meeting with them that took the whole middle of the day and, as always, they catered lunch which is awesome.  So I broke down and had one slice of cheese pizza but didn’t eat the crust.  Now I can’t eat any dinner.

Total Weight Lost So Far: 10lbs

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