May 24, 2007: The Cuddler

ComputerWorld has a good article this morning on the top ten dead or dying computer skills.

Today I get to work from home but because yet another fire drill was scheduled for today at the very last minute we did not have time to change our schedules and so Oreo has to go to daycare and I have to work at home alone without my dog. It turned out to be very good that we sent him to daycare because we had heard that the alarms would only be tested for about half an hour which means that I could have taken Oreo for a long walk while they did the testing but it turned out that the testing was for more like two hours and it would have been a major issue. As it was I worked through twenty minutes or so of alarms because I had no choice but it was extremely painful. So then I went to Food for Life and got lunch and then went to StarBucks and read “Questioning Extreme Programming” for a while. Earlier this week I wrapped up reading “Pragmatic Project Automation” which is the third and final title in the Pragmatic Programming Starter Kit.

I learned that yesterday was the day when the earth’s population officially (whatever that means) shifted from being primarily rural to being primarily urban for the first time in recorded history. The United States made this particular demographic shift sometime between 1910 and 1919.

Today is furniture day. Our new loveseat is schedule to be delivered this afternoon. I put in a lot of time cleaning today and moving furniture so that everything is ready for it to be delivered. We are taking the one leather seat that we have back up to dad’s so that the loveseat and the futon will both fit in the apartment. We don’t have spare space anywhere.

The furniture arrived late around the time that Dominica had left from work. We got it moved up to the apartment pretty quickly and nothing got destroyed. The first thing that I discovered is that the loveseat is much smaller than we had thought that it would be and is, in fact, a large recliner and not a true loveseat. Time will tell how well this is going to meet our needs but at least it was not expensive.

Dominica came home and we finished watching the final season of Arrested Development and then went off to bed.  We watched the show while squeezed onto our new recliner.  We fit but it is tight.  Oreo cannot possibly sit on it with us.  The recliner is called the “Cuddler” for a reason.

Weight Lost So Far: 12lbs

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