Fire Alarms Relentless at 1180 Raymond Blvd. in Newark

This morning (Wednesday) we had our second fire alarm test for the week. Our last one was on Monday. All of this comes after months and months of relentless fire alarm testing, complaints about unsafe fire alarm conditions to the fire department and ultimately the city itself. But so far nothing has come of it. In an apparent attempt to quiet the residents of 1180 Raymond Blvd. the building management sent out a notice about two weeks announcing that the fire alarm testing had ceased and that we should, for the first time since the bulding opened almost exactly a year ago, begin to actually react to fire alarms that occur during the day.

But just like the boy who cried wolf the cessation of the fire alarms appears to have been nothing more than a ploy and, as you can see, the fire alarm testing continues unabated. In fact, since announcing that the fire alarms would cease the frequency of the testing has increased!

We at 1180 are definitely beginning to lose patience with the poor treatment that we often receive.  It seems as though Cogswell Realty figured that they would just get as many people into the building as possible to cover the costs of doing the renovations and is planning to just write us all off as lost customers assuming that they can fill the building with all new tenants once they actually complete the renovations and figure out how to run the place.  It is very clear that the current batch of tenants are not considered to be a priority for the company at all.

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