June 1, 2007: Dominica’s New Desk

Today is my work from home day so I get to spend the day with Oreo. Considering how late we were out last night it was a really good thing that today was my day at home. Oreo and I slept in late and I discovered that my remote access to the office was not working this morning. This worked out perfectly as I was feeling pretty crappy. So Oreo and I went back to bed and I napped with my BlackBerry on my pillow checking in every half an hour or so to make sure that everything was okay and that no one needed me. A little later in the day my remote access came back on and I was able to work as usual. By afternoon I was feeling fine. The extra rest did the trick.

A friend from York pointed me to a nice site from the US Geological Survey mapping the world’s plate tectonics. Interesting stuff.

Even though I got started late today I ended up working until around seven in the evening so it all works out.  I did a bit of work around the house too even given that it was a short day.  I did dishes and cleaned in the kitchen and around the house and I built Dominica’s new desk and got that installed too.  It is a bit bigger than we had anticipated because it is curved instead of flat on the side that goes against the wall and that causes it to come out into the room about three inches more than we had expected.

Domincia took the night off from doing her homework and just watched some Father Ted after going grocery shopping on her way home from work.  She has a busy weekend ahead of her.  But with her new desk it will be a lot easier for her to get work done.

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