June 30, 2007: Fruit Basket Day

The end of June has come already. This morning I woke up at six thirty and decided to get out of bed. My cold is still really bad and I can barely breath. I feel pretty crappy. Dominica slept in for another half an hour but was up by seven. Nothing like getting up nice and early on a Saturday. Oreo had no idea what was going on. But the sun was bright today and Oreo was happy to get up and move into the living room to curl up in a sun spot on the futon.

I spent the morning studying for the SUN Certified Solaris Administrator exam (CX-310-200) and Dominica got started right away on her System Analysis and Design homework. When she went to get started on that she discovered that her class ends this coming Friday and that she pretty much has to have all of her homework done this weekend! That was a bit of a surprise. It is a really good thing that she decided not to travel this weekend or she would be in a panic now. It is going to be a really busy weekend for her. It doesn’t help matters that she has her cold still as well.

I finally got around to fixing the email functionality at ScottAlanMiller.com so that it is possible to email now from there. Not that that site gets much traffic but I have gotten a few complaints and it didn’t look very polished not having it there. I need to get my XHTML CV completed as well so that it is more “searchable” and more user friendly.

One of the guys who works and lives in our building got us a fruit basket/arrangement from Edible Arrangements today! There is an Edible Arrangements in the building next door to us. We have had their stuff before and it is very good. It was really awesome of him to get this for us. We were quite surprised. One more reason that we are really glad that we didn’t leave town this weekend. That would have sucked. So for lunch today we had fruit. Lots of fruit. It was delicious.

Dominica ended up dedicating the entire day to her homework. She was incredibly productive. I got a chance to finally play DQ8 for a significant chunk of time. It has been a month or more since I have been able to even get a solid hour in. I actually managed to play for about three hours today!

I did the dishes today and cleaned the kitchen which is a much bigger job than it sounds and Dominica did the laundry. Today was extra productive which is amazing as we are both under the weather so much.

Weight Lost So Far: 25lbs

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