July 14, 2007: Jeremy’s Graduation Party

Dominica, Dad and I were all completely exhausted this morning. Dominica got to bed a little after three and dad and I were both awake until around four. We had to be up at a little before eight this morning so that we could take the BMW over to Geneseo for its inspection appointment.

We drove over to Geneseo and discovered that the garage was closed today even though we had an appointment. Oops. That doesn’t work. We would have been upset as this was a bit of an emergency BUT the “service engine soon” light which BMW says in their manual is NOT an engine light but a light dedicated to the gas tank cap has been going on and off and is on at the moment and New York State has worked out some deal where cars cannot be inspected with that light on even though it has nothing to do with the working of the car or not. So we are screwed either way and have no idea how we are going to deal with this now.

Since we were in Geneseo bright and early we went to the Omega for breakfast. We were pretty tired but we managed to get a bit of coffee into us to get us going.

Jeremy Richardson at Starr Park in Leicester, NY

It was a decently leisurely morning since the car didn’t go to the shop and the party didn’t start until four in the afternoon. Dad had to be down there by three and we figured that we would get there a bit before four.

We did pretty well for ourselves getting down to the party at three thirty. Jeremy took Rachel and one of her friends out in the 330 with the top down. Rachel says that BMWs are her favourite car but maybe she is just being nice.

I took my Nikon D50 with me and took some pictures but unfortunately I used the old Nikkor 50mm lens that I had just gotten from dad’s house and it would appear that the D50 doesn’t work all that well with that lens and it doesn’t focus as well as one would hope so many of the pictures turned out fuzzy. 🙁 At least I managed to get a few decent pictures out even if they aren’t rock solid.

It was an overcast and somewhat rainy afternoon. It rained at Sara’s graduation party last year too! The rain this year was weird as it would rain for just a few minutes and then stop completely for an hour and then do it again… over and over again.

Sara Richardson at Starr Park

The cake was really good. And here is Sara demonstrating how exciting it was.

Dominica and I hung out until around nine or maybe a little later.  Officially the party ran until ten but we were so tired that there was no way that we were going to be hanging around for that long.

We left and drove down to Warsaw to see Mary who started working at DiSalvo’s Pizza about a week or two ago.  We haven’t seen Mary in forever so we swung through down there and grabbed some slices and some fried mushrooms.  We have not eaten at DiSalvo’s since our wedding night!  That is where Min and I, the Nicklins, Mary and Jocelyn all went after everyone left the Cannonball Run Pub in Wyoming after our wedding reception almost four years ago.  The pizza there is really good.  It is a true “Western NY” style pizza as I call it.  Definitely not a downstate thin crust and not a pan pizza.  We didn’t stay for long.  Just enough time to eat and run.  Mary was working so it wasn’t like she could hang out anyway.

We got back to dad’s a little before eleven and it was off to bed for us.  Tomorrow our goal is to drive up to Buffalo to look at neighbourhoods to see what Buffalo has to offer.

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