July 15, 2007: Driving Around Buffalo

Today was a very serious driving day for us. Dad, Dominica and I were all up around eight and we were ready to head out not long after nine. Not quite as early as we had hoped but not too much later.

Tom Miller, Dominica Miller and Oreo in Amherst, NY

We started by heading west from Warsaw on NY 20A and traveling through Wyoming County and entering the Buffalo region through East Aurora. 20A continues on from East Aurora to Orchard Park and then into Hamburg.

Dominica really like Orchard Park and East Aurora. My dad hadn’t been through that area in a long time and was always driving so he had never really looked at the homes before and was surprised by what a really nice area that is.

From there we continued on to Route 5 and Lakeshore Drive along Lake Erie starting from about Angola on the Lake and heading up to the city itself. We had no idea that that lake shore zone was so beautiful! I have been a fan of Lake Erie ever since I worked for that one week in Erie, Pennsylvania where I got a chance to really see the lake. The eastern shore is awesome because it has such wonderful views at sunset. And this area has the most amazing views of the city of Buffalo, Fort Erie in Ontario, etc. It is really something to see. We were amazed. This is definitely the place to be in the Buffalo area.

We drove through downtown on the skyway and up to Amherst. We drove around Amherst and Williamsville a bit before grabbing a quick bite at Burger King and then heading back towards home. We had left dad’s place just a little after nine and we were back to his place some time after two so it was about a five to six hour trip pretty much driving the entire time. It was a lot of fun though but quite exhausting.

We packed up the car and we all drove down to Sharon and Leo’s house in Leicester but everyone had left because we were running so late. They all had to get back to Ohio.  It worked out for the best though because it was getting late and we really needed to get on the road to Newark.  It had been a long day of driving and we hadn’t even started our real driving yet.

The trip home was largely uneventful.  We were tired by the time that we got back but we were doing okay.  We were really glad to get out of the car after twelve hours of driving just today and six hours on Friday though!

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