July 16, 2007: Arrrr!

Today is my first day of being on the regular early morning shift. Nothing like starting the early morning on the first day after having driven twelve hours after a day of all family activities after a day of working twelve hours before driving for six. I was understandably a little tired when I work up at five this morning.

Art Ralston the Pirate!

I was in the office at a quarter after seven which is, I think, a pretty good time to get started on the day.  It is early enough that I am able to avoid most of the traffic which speeds my commute significantly and normally I will be able to leave at a reasonable time to get home.  The office is still pretty quiet at that time and it is easy to get caught up on a lot of stuff that otherwise you can’t get to once everyone gets busy.  I am looking forward to the new schedule for the most part.

My day today ended up being really crazy and totally exhausting.  I didn’t get a minute for lunch or a snack or a break or anything.  Ugh.  Not only was my day busy but it was quite long too.  I ended up getting stuck at work until close to seven in the evening!  So much for getting to take off early.

I called Dominica from work and we decided that we needed to just order a pizza for dinner so that things would be quick and easy.  So she called Papa John’s to order us a spinach alfredo pizza (yum!) before I left the office.  The spinach alfredo definitely is not up to par with DiSalvo’s pizza but it will have to do.

I have decided that I will be exhausted tonight and am not going to spend time working on SGL once I get home so I am going to go ahead and post and call it a day.

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