July 18, 2007: Crazy Tired Day

Humdog the Pencil Freak on Native Pencils.

Oreo Sleeping

I was really exhausted this morning. It was after two thirty when I finally got to sleep last night and I had to be up and right back in this morning to the office. Ugh. I was dragging pretty badly.

Today was busy and a blur. All kinds of stuff going on. It was an extremely busy day both from a work and from a “what’s going on with our lives” kind of day. Unfortunately I can’t talk about everything here but we have a lot of questions right now including where we will be living after October. If we are staying in the New York Metro area then the plan is to remain at 1180 Raymond because even though we have had our problems there it has been good enough overall that we would like to remain and most everything has improved significantly so that it isn’t so bad at this point. But we don’t know if we are going to be staying in the metro area so there is a lot to figure out.

Tonight was mostly phone calls and emails and planning (as much as possible.) We won’t know anything much until tomorrow at the earliest. Me being totally exhausted is not helping things though.

Weight Lost So Far: 28.5 lbs

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