July 21, 2007: Food Day

Today turned out to be a busy food based Saturday. I was up pretty early this morning – a bit before eight. I worked out in the living room until Dominica got up sometime after nine.

Eric Millen and Mary Johnston at the Ralston Wedding Party

I went through my paperwork that arrived from RIT this week while I had some time to myself. Did I mention last week that I was finally officially accepted to the Masters of Science in Information Technology degree program at RIT? Today I found out that I have been granted their top Merit Scholarship which is very encouraging as well! I have never received a scholarship before so I am very happy to finally have gotten that recognition now.

Around eleven Dominica and I met up with some friends that live in our building and we walked through downtown Newark looking for some place to get lunch. We didn’t have much luck though. We went to several places that we wanted to try but everything was closed. And I mean everything. Restaurant and restaurant wasn’t open at a little after noon on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon! How is Newark ever going to recover if there isn’t anyone doing business here?

We finally found an Irish pub that was “open” but open in this case only meant that the door was unlocked and that there were people inside. They turned us and the party ahead of us away as they weren’t serving and apparently had forgotten to lock the doors. That was about eight patrons that they gave up in the few seconds that we tried to eat there. They must have given up fifty or more customers just during the noon lunch period if not hundreds who would have eaten there if they had been actually open! Crazy.

We ended up eating at a diner across from the pub that said that it was open seven days a week. The food was fine and it was nice to find a decent diner close to our apartment. We need to find more restaurants as eating in Newark is nearly impossible with any variety. It just seems that no one wants to do business here (understandably.)

We had a really nice time at lunch and hung out there until a little after three when Dominica and I got a call from Jeffrey and his girlfriend who were meeting us to hang out for the afternoon. So we walked back to 1180 and met Jeffrey over at the PSE&G fountain. We hung out for fifteen minutes or so and then walked over to Food for Life for an early dinner. Luckily the food took a while as we were not very hungry yet. We managed to stretch the time between lunch and dinner to about four hours which isn’t too bad between meals but is still pretty close – at least for us.

We hung out until around six and then went back to our apartment to relax for the evening. We watched some DVDs until eight when I was supposed to work for a while. I logged on to the office network and did a little work while we continued to watch Full House. I “worked” for three hours but nothing really happened. After I was done with that Dominica and I played a little Rogue Galaxy on the PS2 although we were both so tired that we couldn’t play very much. From a first look, though, the graphics are totally amazing! I can’t wait to get a chance to get into that game.

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