July 23, 2007: Another Rainy Monday

I woke up plenty early this morning all on my own which is surprising considering how tired Dominica and I (and Oreo) have been the last few nights. It has been a long and exhausting week for us. Lots of overtime and “up in the air” stuff and just things going on. We were really happy to just get some time to just relax and drive with Oreo in the BMW yesterday.

Island Beach State Park (Trail A13)

I got a couple of good pictures from our trip yesterday. It was really bright while we were out so it was tough. We sent a copy of one of the pictures of Oreo hanging out in the back of the convertible to the Doggle company to show them how happy Oreo is wearing his Doggles.

It is raining in the city again today. Tons of rain. I am sure that it will be flooding again. My friend on Long Island say that it is really coming down hard out there as well.

Dad called to let me know that there was a problem with a part that we had gotten for the RX7 so the car is not going to be ready as soon as we had hoped. It could easily be several weeks before we are able to even make an attempt at putting it onto the road.

Today was so busy all morning that it was one in the afternoon before I even realized that time was passing. I got a lot done though. I like days when I am busy but not because I am thrashing but when I am able to really be productive and get lots of good work done.

This is a little old but in Australia the fastest Morse Code operator vs. the fastest mobile “texter” went head to head with the ninety year old Morse Code operator winning! This really goes to show what a pathetic interface to text messages the mobile phone keypad is. What is really dumb, though, is that people like me have TXT interfaces with full thumb keypads on my mobile device and regular keyboards from my computer so using the numerical keypad is an artificial limitation that doesn’t really have any application.

I am going to be working the very early hours on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. That is, going in to the office at six thirty or so in the morning. I know that it is impossible to keep track of when I am working and when I am home. On Wednesday I will be taking Dominica’s car up to Spring Valley, NY to get its inspection taken care of and then I plan to work from home for the rest of that day.

It ended up raining all day. It was raining early this morning before I left for work and maybe all night for all that I know. It rained hard for what seemed like all day. The forecast says rain until midnight! That is a lot of water coming down out there. I can only imagine that we are going to be flooding horribly again and traffic tonight will be awful.

Summer Rain in the Netherlands on Flickr

Rain, rain, rain. I grabbed you a pic of rain from Flickr.

I was all ready to go home when I found out that one of my teams needed me to stay late. So much for the plan of coming in early and leaving early. All last week it turned into me having to work extra hours and that is continuing into today.

I was hoping to have been able to have escaped early today just to beat the worst of the flood traffic but that was not to be. Jersey is so bad in the rain. Everyone drives like idiots. Actually, that happens even without the rain. But the rain exacerbates the problem. And then a lot of the roads actually are under water which really makes it all a disaster.

I got to leave work at six thirty which was only eleven hours and not nearly as bad as it seemed.  The drive home was quite good as well.  I guess everyone left work early to avoid the traffic leaving the roads clear by the time that I headed home just a little bit on the late side.

Dominica did some grocery shopping on her way home and was just unloading her car when I pulled up to 1180.  So I helped her carry up the groceries and then we walked right over to Food for Life to get ourselves some dinner.

We came home and I spent the evening either doing dishes and cleaning in the kitchen or scanning more old photographs in for my Flickr feed.  I have uploaded a set of the York Central School Swim Team from the winter of 1993.  I have tons more scanned but I upload them in groups to make the tagging process easier so the 1996 York Central School vs. Perry Central School Girls Soccer pictures will be coming in a few days.

We watched more Full House while I worked and Dominica relaxed with Oreo.  Oreo is still quite exhausted from his fun trip to the beach this weekend.

It was off to bed early as I need to be up just a little after five tomorrow morning.

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