July 25, 2007: Working from Home

I didn’t have too bad of a time getting up when my alarm went off at three o’clock this morning but it sure did feel early. Today begins both my extreme early shifts as well as my working from home. The plan is that I am now working from home indefinitely. Originally it was going to start on Monday but since I am doing these extreme early mornings we moved it forward so that I could actually handle getting up so early.

Sara Richardson on Sofa

I worked until just after seven when I had to take the BMW up to Spring Valley in New York to get it inspected. The drive took just about an hour even in heavy traffic which wasn’t so bad. I got up to the dealer and waited there while they took a look at the car. The inspection went fine but they noticed that the front bumper had pulled away from the frame (bumper cover – the safety portion of the bumper is just fine this is an aesthetic thing) and a few of the clips are broken. I didn’t have time to have that taken care of today as I am waiting for the car and have to get back down to Newark so that I can work again but it will need to be taken care of soon.

The car took about ninety minutes as there were lots of people waiting for their cars as well. I took the chance to take a look at the large selection of Ferraris and Maseratis that they have on their lot. Very impressive indeed. I tried to talk dad into a used 1999 Ferrari two seat targa instead of a convertible but he felt that even with the heavy used car discount that it was a little too much for a two seater. Personally, I thought that it was a bargain at $107,000 😉

I got back to the apartment at 1180 and spent the rest of the day working. It was a pretty busy day. When I could, in between normal tasks or while I was “thinking” I continued to work on geotagging my Flickr images and cleaning up the regular tags, dates, descriptions, etc. It is amazing how much work it takes to manage that many images effectively. But they are going to be extremely useful for many years to come because of this work so I don’t mind.

I managed to more or less wrap up with the office around four in the afternoon at which point I remained online but started doing housework. I cleaned the kitchen including the mountain of dishes that accumulated last week with me not working from home at all. I cleaned the hall table which was a disaster. I cleaned in the living room. I cleaned in the bathroom. I cleaned in the bedroom. I made pudding so that it would be ready later when Dominica and I want some after dinner. Maybe I need to rethink this working from home situation…

Dominica got home and we watch some Full House and ordered in from Papa John’s (Spinach Alfredo pizza) and did our best to relax.  I kept working on my pictures and stayed connected to the office.  Dominica managed to finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” this afternoon at work so tonight I got to start reading it.  I will not be reading it at the same break-neck pace that Min did (she only bought it yesterday afternoon meaning that she completed it in just under twenty-four hours) but I will see what I can do.  We ordered the book on CD but Amazon has not yet shipped it to us even though we could get it for the same price sitting on the Target shelves 🙁  We have no idea what is going on there.  We have had it pre-ordered for some time but apparently Amazon isn’t giving in to the “getting it there the day of release” craze and is just going to ship it when they get around to it.

I wanted to go to bed early but my body just isn’t ready to switch schedules yet so I ended up going to bed just before eleven this evening.  I have to be up tomorrow at a quarter till three in the morning.

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