August 1, 2007: Driving Back to Newark

I can’t believe that we have moved into the second half of the year already. Time really does move faster and faster as you get older.

Scott Alan Miller

I was pretty sleepy when I woke up this morning and did not want to get out of bed but it is a busy day and I have no choice. Today is my last day working from dad’s house and I have to work a full day and then drive the five to six hour trip back down to Newark before going straight to bed and then getting up early and driving into the office tomorrow 🙁 But it has been nice to get away from Newark for a few days and I am especially glad to not have been just sitting down there all by my lonesome for the past four days. I am not a stay at home alone kind of guy.

I worked all day and wore myself out. Dad and I had Davis’ Pizza for lunch from down in Pavilion. I had been hoping that we would be able to get Davis’ at some point. You just can’t get good Western New York pizza down in New Jersey. No one does it like home. Jersey only does NYC style pizza.

I did a really good job of getting everything wrapped up by the end of the day and was able to hit the road back to Newark at five thirty! I was very happy with myself for being able to get out so early.

The drive went well. I did my usual stop at the Pilot Truck Stop in Kanona and picked up my Rockstar beverages to keep me “truckin'” on down to Newark. I made really good time until I was halfway across NJ on I80 when I hit a lot of construction which cost me maybe an entire hour. So it was around eleven thirty when I pulled up to 1180.

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