July 31, 2007: Working from Dad’s

I was quite tired when I pulled myself out of bed this morning. I got almost eight hours of sleep but was exhausted when I finally got up to start work.

Hillside in Southern Tier

Today was rather uneventful. I worked on my computer and dad worked on his. It was a quiet day. For lunch dad drove down to Cook’s in Greigsville and picked up subs and brought them back so that I could keep working at the house. Getting subs in Newark or anywhere away from “back home” seems to be nearly impossible as nobody makes real subs like the Rochester area does, I guess. I never knew that until I had moved away to several different places and now realize that it is impossible to get a decent sub anywhere. No wonder places like Subway and those other big sub chains do so well while tasting so bland and being nothing like subs back home – the whole country apparently eats sub differently than we do here.

I spent the afternoon working and then at a quarter to six dad and I drove over to Geneseo to meet up with the Richardson clan including Jeremy and Rachel but not Sara for dinner at the Shanghai Buffet in the old Ames Plaza (which will shortly become known as the old Central Tractor Plaza as Ames has been gone for so long that Central Tractor moving to the old Walmart Plaza is the only thing in many peoples’ memories!)

After dinner dad and I came back to Peoria and I immediately got in the Mazda and drove up to Henrietta to meet Andy at the Tim Horton’s on the corner of Jefferson and Marketplace. I don’t believe that I have seen Andy since last September at Bob and Lisa’s wedding! Although I talk to him all of the time so it doesn’t really seem like it has been that long. It was a quarter after eight when I pulled into the Tim Horton’s parking lot.

Andy headed for home around eleven or so and I headed over to Brighton as well to see my cousin Sara’s new apartment. Funny enough Andy is moving into the same complex as Sara in just a week or so. But Sara has a studio and Andy is moving into a townhouse. I hung out with Sara and Toast for about an hour and then drove back down to dad’s so that I could go to bed at a quarter till one in the morning and get six hours of sleep before starting work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be working a normal day starting at seven in the morning and then at five when my day wraps up I will be hitting the road as quickly as possible to get back down to Newark so that I can get some sleep before having to drive into the office in the morning.

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