August 2, 2007: The Office on the Hill

I am back to work in New Jersey today.  I was in to work at my usual seven in the morning.  Today is my first day actually working from my “new office” in the building up on the hill.  My desk wasn’t really set up yet and I don’t know the layout of the office building yet so a lot of the day was dedicated to just getting myself into a position where I was able to work.

For once I was actually able to leave work at a reasonable time and get home to relax for a little bit.  I relaxed, watching Full House for a couple of hours and did some little things around the apartment, before going down to the media center in the basement to meet up with Ramona and Winnie to watch a movie.

We watched The Labyrinth of the Faun (aka Pan’s Labyrinth in the USA even though there is no faun named Pan in the movie) which is a very sad story about the Spanish civil war in 1944.  It was extremely heavy but very well done.

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