August 30, 2007: Jeremy Has a New Blog

Oreo decided that he hasn’t seen enough of me recently and so he slept all night pressed right up against my side leaving me barely any room at all making it quite hard to sleep. He put his little head on my shoulder and snored the night away. He is the most loving dog that I have ever seen.

Since I couldn’t sleep too well once my shoulder started to pull out of its socked trying to keep from jarring poor Oreo in his sleep I decided that I should just get up nice and early and leisurely get myself into the office. We have been quite busy and getting in extra early wouldn’t go amiss this week as I could use the quiet time to do some catching up on things.

I got into the office around a quarter to seven which is half an hour earlier than my usual early morning target of a quarter after seven. I am wide awake and feel good though and am very happy to have my car back and working well.

Jeremy has a new blog so that people can keep up with him at college.

I ended up working a long day. It often happens when I get in early. There is always work to be done at the end of the day.

Food for Life was so good last night that I was able to convince Dominica to go there again tonight. Yummo.

Tonight was a chores night since we are leaving town tomorrow. Dominica did laundry and cooked meals for Oreo so that we would have plenty of supplies while traveling. We haven’t done any packing yet but there will probably be time to do that tomorrow night after work.

We are expecting the drive to Montreal to have some really horrible traffic and we have some concerns about that but we have learned time and time again that it is better to just hit the road on Friday night rather than trying to do anything on Saturday morning. No matter how bad the Friday night traffic is the overall situation is just better than trying to cram things down into one less day.

We are really excited about Montreal. This is our first time going there as an actual destination and not just driving through. Dominica’s new birthday “pink” Kodak V1003 camera arrived today so she got it plugged in and charging so that she will be able to use it while we are in Montreal.

We watched a couple episodes of The Cosby Show while we took care of other things. The HP DC7700 arrived at dad’s today and he set it up and checked it out enough so that I could log in remotely and check it all out over the Internet. It looks like it is a really nice machine. It took a few hours, as usual, to get the requisite software installed onto it and all of the regular Microsoft updates (it is a Windows XP Pro machine) and the setting set correctly, etc. So that was my main project of the evening. I am extremely happy with the purchase though. That worked out great.

I went to bed a bit earlier than Dominica did and Oreo came and snuggled with me under the covers.  I read for a little while, maybe twenty to thirty minutes, in “Solaris 10 Internals” before falling asleep.

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