August 31, 2007: Off to Montreal

I had gone to bed last night thinking that I would probably get up early this morning and leave before Dominica had a chance to get up but I was tired and I have to be up very late tonight so I slept in a little and didn’t get up until a more normal time. That will probably work out better as today is bound to be an extremely long day as I don’t get to go to bed until we have arrived in Montreal and traffic is expected to be terrible today.

My movies database is finally back online after many months of being down. Maybe even a year of downtime. Ouch. Things have just been so busy that it is difficult to take care of these little things. It is in exactly the same state that it was a year ago but at least it is useful again. My next task is getting it set up so that dad can do the administration on it as he has direct access to the actual collection and is the one watching the movies the most.

Nothing very notable to mention during the day today. Dominica and I both had to go to work as usual. Nothing crazy going on there. This is a three day weekend for both of us as it is Labor Day weekend. We are both looking forward to our four day weeks next week. I am working the early shift next week all week.

I am going to have to post tonight before I leave the office as there won’t be any time to even fire up a computer at home before Dominica, Oreo and I have to be on the road to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Google Maps says that the trip should take around six hours and eleven minutes but with the traffic expected to be so bad it is completely possible that the trip could end up taking twelve hours or more which we are very afraid of. The entire distance is just 374 miles. But hopefully traffic will thin out as we head north and it will only be bad right in New Jersey and the immediately lower Hudson region of New York. I did remember to print out the directions before leaving work today.

It was a pretty slow day at the office today with as many people as could manage to not be in the office not being in the office. I was the last person in today except for the one person who works the evening “shift”. I was alone for quite some time before I got to go home. My evening work ended up being quite a bit later than it had originally been expected to have been.

I got stuck doing deployments so late (as always happens when I am going to travel) that I had to run home before doing them!  At six thirty I ran home in the hopes of working from there.  That is when I am posting.  More details from Quebec!

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