Montreal Update (August 31, 2007 Part 2)

The drive up to Montreal was excellent.  We didn’t get to leave Newark until late – closing in on nine in the evening.  But there was no traffic at all and we made great time the whole way.  In total, the drive time itself was under six hours.  Not a tough trip at all.  Customs was not as friendly as it was back when I was younger but it wasn’t bad.  They didn’t give us a hard time at all.

During the drive we stopped at a rest stop and ate dinner at  Nathan’s which serves fish sandwiches much to our surprise.  They were quite tasty.  We are very glad that we discovered that they have fish as quite often they are an eating option when traveling in New York.

It was around two thirty in the morning when we pulled into Montreal and got to the hotel.  There were some issues with our reservation at check in and we had to switch rooms but we ended up getting upgraded to a business class king room (smoking but we couldn’t tell) that is perfect for Oreo because we are on a high corner with lots of sunlight during the day and windows from two directions so that he can get plenty of sun whenever he wants it.

Strangely, Oreo loves hotels and is very excited to be here.  He really enjoyed the drive too.  He doesn’t get a chance to ride in the Mazda very often and his favorite car seat is in there so he appreciated the change of pace.  Riding in the Mazda’s car seat is like visiting an old friend for our Boston Terrier.  He misses it when he doesn’t ride in it for a while.

The street that we are on is very nice and there are lots of all night businesses here including a 24×7 Werby’s restaurant attached to the hotel which has a very wide menu.  Lots of coffee shops around as well.

It was almost four in the morning before we actually managed to get into bed and start attempting to drift off to sleep.  I set up the laptop and made sure that we were online before going to bed.  The Mazda is parked on the street tonight – making us glad that we didn’t bring the BMW this time – but we should be able to get it into the hotel’s garage in the morning or early afternoon.  It is full for tonight though.

I have to be up by nine in the morning tomorrow to deal with the car before I get a parking ticket (you have to pay after nine.)  So there won’t be a lot of sleep for me tonight.  We are planning on trying out the local Montreal patisseries tomorrow.  That is one of the big draws of this city.  We are very much looking forward to breakfast.

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