November 3, 2007: DST Part 2

Last night Dominica and I went out to the pub with Kevin and Pam (who just happened to randomly be in the SGL pic of the day yesterday) for dinner. That pretty much summed up our evening. Dinner and then home and off to bed. This is a busy weekend so we need our rest.

Scott Alan Miller with a Coors before Chu Chu Rocket

Today is a “primary on call” day for me which means that I pretty much am logged in at work all day long. It is also my due day for my Java homework this week so I have to work on that and get it in by midnight.

For breakfast Dominica and I walked over to the Airlie Cafe on Commerce, right across the street, and got sandwiches and some food for later. We got coffee and ate there while I watched my BlackBerry. It is handy that it is so close – just a hundred feet from my front door so I can eat there and relax and run back in case I am needed. We ran into several people from Eleven80 while we were at Airlie. It is a popular spot as nothing else is open until ten and only Food for Life at that point.

My afternoon and evening really came down to nothing but Java homework and a little work for the office. As the primary on call person I have some assigned duties in addition to keeping a watchful eye on the environment.

Min and I played with our new iPods a bit today. So far we are really liking them. The automatic organization provided by iTunes does make them a lot more usable in a lot of situations even if the iTunes software itself is a horrible pain to use. And luckily since we do everything in MP3s and not in Apple’s own file formats we have complete flexibility and can move songs around easily. I have loaded up my iPod with all of the music that I have purchased from Amazon’s MP3 service as well as all of the music from the SGL Podcast. I have to say, the more that I hear from the SGL music the more I like it. A lot of my favourite music is in that collection.

I wrapped up at a decent time and am really happy with how my homework project turned out. I had to build a complete Notepad replacement in one day which isn’t too bad but is a bit of work since I am not a full time programmer. I wrapped it up and took Oreo and we turned in for the night. Dominica stayed up watching Veronica Mars for hours after we went to bed.

Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends tonight.

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