December 24, 2007: Christmas Eve 2007

For once Dominica was up long before me. She was up around eight but I slept in for a while as I was exhausted.

I got up and got right to work.  There wasn’t much to be done today but there was still some work to do and I don’t have the day off so I set up shop in the kitchen and worked from there.

For lunch today we drove over to the Omega Grill and ate there before they closed and then ran over to the Walmart in Geneseo to pick up some pizzas to cook for dinner tonight.  Dad secretly went to the automotive department and picked up a cover for the BMW for us for Christmas.  We ran to the electronics department and grabbed a 1080p upconverting DVD player for dad so that his DVDs will look better on his big 1080p LCD.  His old DVD player isn’t does not even have progressive scan which left him watching 480i output scaled up to 1080p by the television.

After lunch I worked for a little while and we relaxed around dad’s house.  We opened presents on the early side so that we could hook up and use the DVD player to watch our Christmas movies this evening.  My big present from Dominica was a new Timex watch that I had asked for.  I haven’t had a good watch in many years and I really wanted a nice, attractive watch that I can wear every day.  Min is also getting me Assassin’s Creed for the XBOX 360 which we don’t have yet but we are getting in a week or so unless we get it for Christmas so we both ended up getting 360 stuff for each other in anticipation.

Dad got the DVD player and as a “sort of” Christmas gift he got our 5MP Kodak digicam which is still pretty new.  It is a nice upgrade from his old 1.3MP Olympus that he has had for six years or so.  We decided that we really wanted the new 12MP Kodak camera with 720p video recording capability so it worked out well.

The big gift for Dominica was a Rotary Swiss Havana Watch in pink but it is coming from the UK and needed special paperwork in order to be able to order it so it won’t be coming for a few weeks yet.  I also got her MySims for the Nintendo Wii and a pink XBox 360 controller.

After opening presents we hooked up the new DVD player and then moved on to watching White Christmas which Dominica and I watch every year for Christmas but dad hasn’t seen in many years.  That is one of my favourite movies ever.

After White Christmas we started cooking the pizzas and then watched Holiday Inn which isn’t really all that much of a Christmas movie but it is the first time that anyone ever heard the song White Christmas as it was written for that movie.

After the movies it was time for bed.  We need to be up at three in the morning to be able to get to the airport on time so we are hoping to at least get a few hours of sleep.

At ten, just as we were heading to bed, I was paged out six times from the office!  I ended up spending a couple of hours dealing with the issues (the issues were paging issues and not actual support issues which didn’t make me very happy.)  This has been going on for a week now and it is driving me crazy.

It was after midnight when I finally got to go to bed!

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