January 28, 2008: Trying Netflix

I miss a lot of news from back home these days. I had no idea until today that a student from SUNY Geneseo was killed by three drivers on Interstate 390 in three apparently separate hit and run incidents in one night! I mean really, three people do not drive over a person and then […]

January 20, 2008: This Sunday Sunday Sunday

We slept in a little this morning but couldn’t sleep much as we have the weekend Dungeons and Dragons group getting back together at eleven this morning. We got up and did a little light cleaning and the apartment was still a disaster. We didn’t get it clean but we corrected the worst of the […]

December 13, 2007: D&D and Apple Pie

On my way home from work last night I stopped by at Borders on Broadway and picked up the D&D Basic Game Starter Pack and the D&D Player’s Kit at well which gave us an extra set of dice, a solo adventure for Dominica to play through and her own copy of the Player’s Handbook. […]