January 12, 2008: A D&D Campaign Begins

My hope had been to sleep in like crazy this morning as I have been just totally exhausted for days but I checked my email from the office a few times this morning and noticed that I was needed around eight. So I got out of bed and headed to the living room office, fired up the workstation and got to work. It turned out that I really was needed and I ended up working over three hours, from eight until a bit after eleven. In fact I was on a conference call for more than two hours of that time. What a morning. So much for my morning of preparing for the Dungeons and Dragons game.

When I wrapped up work it was approaching noon and Dominica and I had a lot that we needed to do before we were going to be ready for people to come over for the D&D game.  We need to clean, take care of Oreo and I have to prep for the game which takes quite a bit of work.  We also wanted to generate Dominica’s character before we started to play and that took almost an hour.

We weren’t able to get as much done as we had hoped that we would but what can you do?  Ramona, Winni and Kevin all came over around three thirty and we set to generating everyone’s characters.  That took several hours as is to be expected at the beginning of a campaign.

Between getting characters set up, Oreo needing to do his routing again and then ordering in dinner from Mi Pequeno Mexico and a sushi place in Newark (who knew) it was around eight thirty at night when we finally got around to getting the game actually moving.  But there is little that can be done.  D&D requires a lot of concentration and it is such an immense task that the initial setup for a campaign just takes a lot of work.

We ended up playing from eight thirty until after one in the morning.  We didn’t get real far into the adventure but, then again, that is under four hours of actual play time.  So it really wasn’t all that bad.  I am thinking about setting up a “campaign blog” to follow the storyline of the campaign.  I think that that would be interesting – to see the adventure unfold a bit more like an adventure’s journal.

We decided to get together again tomorrow and continue the campaign since we didn’t get a lot of actual play time today and everyone is anxious for more.

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