January 5, 2008: Staying Up Way Too Late

World’s Scariest Model Train Wrecks.

Last night Dominica, Kevin, Ryan and I went out to the Kilkenny Alehouse near where we live in downtown Newark and hung out there for the evening. It was about one in the morning when we got back to Eleven80. Kevin was fooling around in the elevator and managed to drop his keys and have them fall down the elevator shaft! We were told that they fell past the subbasement into open sewage. Eww.

We weren’t sleeping and Min and I didn’t end up getting to bed until four in the morning.

Dominica and I are pretty much just taking this weekend off. We have no work and no homework this weekend for either of us. And we don’t have to travel anywhere either. So we are just spending the weekend relaxing at home for a change.

We did a simple lunch from Market City Deli downstairs in Eleven80.  We watched some more of Full House today.  We are almost done with the series.

For dinner, Ryan, Dominica, Oreo and I took a walk down to Ferry Street in the Ironbound section of Newark to Mi Pequeño Mexico. It was a really long walk for little Oreo. He was cold and shivering most of the way.  He enjoyed the walk but it was definitely quite a bit too far for him.

The food from  Mi Pequeño Mexico was really good.  Dominica got the spinach burrito and I went for the burrito loco.  There was a ton of food and none of us could finish it.

Later on, Kevin came up to hang out and everyone sat around and visited for the evening.  Ryan stayed till a little after one.  Kevin and I ended up staying awake until seven thirty in the morning!  Oops.  A bit later than we had meant to stay up.

We actually pulled out the classical guitar tonight and played just a little.  I think that I am going to make an attempt at practicing on a regular basis even if just a little bit.  It doesn’t take much to make a big difference these days.  I have been playing guitar for twenty-four years now!

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