January 6, 2008: Lazy Sunday

Dominica got up sometime this morning. Maybe around tenish if I was to guess. I slept until around one. Which wasn’t really very much sleep since I didn’t even head off to bed until not that long before eight. Oreo took the cake for sleeping today though. He didn’t even think of getting up to eat or drink or walk until around seven this evening! He is really sore and exhausted from his long walk through the city yesterday. He is limping quite a bit today.

Lunch was leftovers from Mi Pequeño Mexico last night. Their food is really good the day after. They deliver to Eleven80 so we are planning on getting more food from them tonight.

While we ate lunch we watched the remainder of the final season of Full House on DVD. Strangely I had never seen most of the seventh and eighth seasons of the show previously but as we approached the last few episodes of the final season they ended up all being ones that I have seen. I can only imagine that I caught them on cable in hotel rooms over the last few years while working out of town. I saw a lot of Full House in the hotels when I was working for Wegmans in 2004 – 2005. I can’t believe that working for Wegmans was almost four years ago now. This year is my fourteenth year in Information Technology! And we have been in New Jersey for almost two full years now.

We tried watching a BBC show that we got from dad called Hamish MacBeth. Not our type of show though. The hero of the show is a cop and a junkie which makes for a “hard to identify with” lead and it is quite difficult to get into the show for us. The characters in the show were very endearing to us.

Dominica spent a bit of the evening watching the second season of Heroes on NBC online.

For dinner we called in an order to  Mi Pequeño Mexico and had burritos delivered.  It took hardly any time at all and was a very affordable large dinner.  We are vey excited to have a new restaurant that delivers something different to us.  And they are cheaper, faster, easier and healthier than many other choices too.  Yay!

Sleeping in so much made for a really short day today. I had some work that I needed to do for the office before we hit tomorrow morning which is going to be a really busy day so I spent a few hours doing that before heading off to bed. Nothing stressful, just last minute stuff that I wanted to have completed (ducks in a row and all that) as we head into the busy week.

I did some shopping for great Amazon MP3 downloads for my Apple iPod tonight too.  It is awesome that they carry some of my favourite artists like Allison Kraus & Union Station!  There is so much great music to get from there.  One thing that is really awesome is that one of the best songs that we have ever played on the SGL Podcast (Episode 48 – Half of My Mistakes by Radney Foster) was just recently covered by Gary Allan who is one of my all time favourite singers.  So I picked up his version of the song as well because it is just one of my favourite songs too.

We were up until around one in the morning before turning in for the night.

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